Kuwaiti Diving Team Cleans Sea Bed, Removes Marine Debris

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The head of the Kuwaiti diving team, Walid Al-Fadil, recently announced the team’s impressive efforts in preserving the marine environment. Over the years, they have undertaken numerous tasks and activities to protect Kuwait’s coastal areas and sea. Their dedication and commitment to this cause are commendable.

One of the team’s significant achievements is the recovery of nine ships, boats, and marine vessels, weighing a total of 101 tons. By retrieving these abandoned vessels, they have not only cleaned up the marine environment but also prevented potential hazards to navigation. Additionally, the team has lifted a staggering 124 tons of discarded fishing nets and other waste that pose a threat to marine life and the coastal ecosystem. These efforts have been carried out at more than 30 locations along the coast and sea of Kuwait.

Established 35 years ago, the diving team has conducted 125 environmental tasks and activities in the past year alone. One of their key responsibilities is the periodic maintenance of marine anchors. They have enhanced the durability of 107 marine anchors using specialized materials, ensuring safer anchoring for boats and yachts around the islands, particularly critical coral reef sites. This proactive approach to maintenance contributes to the overall safety of maritime navigation.

In their commitment to maritime safety, the team has monitored various sites in the Kuwait Sea. They have placed warning signs on locations of sunken boats to prevent collisions, ensuring the safety of both divers and vessels. Moreover, they have cleaned hazardous sites such as concrete near the Jaber Bridge, sea anchors on the Asherij coast, and iron pillars on the Fintas coast. These efforts have not only secured shipping lanes but also eliminated potential navigational hazards.

The Kuwaiti diving team has also actively participated in joint awareness campaigns with the regional office of the United Nations Environment Office in West Asia. These campaigns align with the global Clean Seas campaign initiated by the United Nations Environment Organization to combat plastic waste in the seas. By collaborating with international organizations, the team is contributing to the global effort to protect our oceans.

The team’s dedication extends to the monitoring of coral reefs around the southern islands, coasts, and the Jaber Kuwait Marine Reserve. Through benthic surveys, they assess the condition of these vital ecosystems and submit reports to government agencies, international organizations, and coral reef specialists. Their work provides valuable insights into the health of coral reefs and helps guide conservation efforts.

Walid Al-Fadil, the head of the Kuwaiti diving team, emphasizes the need for strict measures against environmental violations. He calls for tough penalties for offenders and urges relevant authorities to initiate projects and programs that contribute to environmental preservation, particularly in Kuwait Bay and the surrounding islands. His hope is that these measures will deter individuals from engaging in activities that harm the marine environment.

For the ninth consecutive year, the diving team has organized a weekly mobile beach cleaning campaign in collaboration with over nine governmental and private agencies. This campaign involves an environmental forum, field workshops for coast cleaning, presentations on environmental information, and competitions for students. Through these initiatives, the team aims to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the coastal environment. They also deliver lectures, conduct visits, and organize exhibitions in schools and universities across Kuwait, further spreading their message of environmental conservation.

In conclusion, the Kuwaiti diving team’s efforts in preserving the marine environment are truly remarkable. Their dedication to cleaning up abandoned vessels, removing harmful waste, and ensuring maritime safety is commendable. Through their collaborations and awareness campaigns, they are actively contributing to global initiatives to combat plastic waste in the seas. Their commitment to monitoring coral reefs and advocating for stricter measures against environmental violations is crucial for the long-term preservation of Kuwait’s coastal areas and marine ecosystems.

Source: TimesKuwait

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