Revival of Kuwait’s cultural legacy: Plans underway to restore 100 historic sites, aiming to enhance tourism.

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a building of national council thant manages tourism

Kuwait’s Efforts to Boost Tourism Through Heritage Restoration

Government Initiative to Transform Historical Buildings into Tourist Attractions

The Kuwaiti government’s endeavor to convert historical and heritage sites into tourist destinations aims to stimulate domestic tourism and introduce new cultural and entertainment ventures to attract visitors.

Preservation of Heritage Mosques by the National Council for Culture

The National Council for Culture’s commitment to safeguarding heritage mosques underscores Kuwait’s dedication to preserving its cultural identity. This includes the restoration of 51 historical mosques, some dating back to the late 1800s.

Restoration and Maintenance Projects

Preservation Efforts on Historical Schools

The National Council’s restoration initiatives extend to significant historical schools, such as the Al-Qabliya School for Girls and the Kazma School, repurposing them into cultural and administrative centers. Additionally, efforts are underway to convert the Eastern Boys School into a museum showcasing Kuwait’s educational history.

Restoration of Cultural Landmarks

Significant landmarks like the American Hospital, Sadu House, and the Red Palace are undergoing restoration efforts to ensure their preservation for future generations.

Preservation of Archaeological Buildings

Delegation of Responsibility to the National Council for Culture

The National Council’s engineering department oversees the restoration of various archaeological buildings, including mosques, houses, and old official structures, dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Classification of Archaeological Buildings

Kuwait employs a classification system to categorize archaeological buildings based on their historical significance and preservation needs, ensuring the proper conservation of its architectural heritage.

Future Projects and Conversions

Transformation of Shipbuilding Structures

Preparations are underway to convert historical shipbuilding structures, like the Al-Ayoub building, into a national museum, preserving Kuwait’s maritime heritage.

Conversion of Municipal and Palace Buildings

Historical municipal and palace buildings, such as the old municipality building and Sheikh Khazal Palace, are undergoing restoration for conversion into museums, further enriching Kuwait’s cultural landscape.

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