Over 400 Domestic Workers Hiring Offices Registered with PAM

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According to the latest statistics issued by the Department for Regulating the Recruitment of Domestic Workers at the Public Authority for Manpower, there are currently 447 registered domestic workers hiring offices in Kuwait. These offices play a crucial role in facilitating the recruitment process for domestic workers in the country.

The Al-Anba daily, quoting sources from the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), reported that in the past month alone, there have been some notable changes in the licensing and complaint status of these offices. Four licenses were cancelled, while seven new licenses to practice the profession were issued. Additionally, the licenses of 35 offices were renewed, ensuring their continued operation.

It is worth mentioning that the PAM takes complaints seriously and aims to address any issues promptly. During the same period, a total of 329 complaints were registered. As a result, the suspension of six licenses was lifted, and seven licenses were suspended pending further investigation. This demonstrates the authority’s commitment to maintaining a fair and transparent system for both the domestic workers and the hiring offices.

On a positive note, the PAM’s online platform, “Fakhruna,” has been instrumental in streamlining the recruitment of national workers. Last month, a remarkable 5,089 transactions were completed through this platform, allowing individuals and households to hire domestic workers conveniently and efficiently. The platform, accessible through the Authority’s website, has proven to be a valuable resource for those seeking to recruit national workers.

It is important to note that these statistics provide valuable insights into the current state of domestic workers hiring offices in Kuwait. By understanding the number of registered offices, the licensing process, and the complaint resolution system, individuals and households can make informed decisions when seeking domestic help.

However, it is crucial to contextualize this information for an international audience. Laws and regulations surrounding domestic workers may vary from country to country. In Kuwait, the Public Authority for Manpower plays a vital role in regulating the recruitment process and ensuring the welfare and rights of both domestic workers and employers.

The cancellation and issuance of licenses reflect the authority’s commitment to maintaining high standards in the industry. By cancelling licenses of non-compliant offices and issuing new licenses to those who meet the necessary requirements, the PAM ensures that only reputable and trustworthy offices are operating in Kuwait.

The resolution of complaints is another area where the PAM takes decisive action. By lifting suspensions and investigating complaints, the authority aims to address any grievances and maintain a fair and balanced system. This commitment to resolving issues promptly is crucial in safeguarding the rights and well-being of domestic workers.

The success of the “Fakhruna” platform further highlights Kuwait’s efforts to modernize and streamline the recruitment process. This online platform not only simplifies the hiring process but also provides a secure and transparent environment for both employers and domestic workers. It is a testament to Kuwait’s commitment to embracing technology to improve the overall experience of domestic worker recruitment.

In conclusion, the latest statistics on domestic workers hiring offices in Kuwait shed light on the current state of the industry. The actions taken by the Public Authority for Manpower, such as licensing, complaint resolution, and the implementation of online platforms, demonstrate Kuwait’s commitment to ensuring a fair and efficient recruitment process. By providing this information, individuals and households can make informed decisions when seeking domestic help while also understanding the efforts made to protect the rights and welfare of domestic workers in Kuwait.

Source: TimesKuwait

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