Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Sabah Al-Salem’s Appointment as Prime Minister Receives Strong Support from Kuwaiti Business Community

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The Kuwaiti business community is united in its support for the appointment of Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Sabah Al-Salem as Prime Minister, recognizing his exceptional leadership qualities. With his extensive experience within the ruling house and his political acumen gained from various leadership roles, Dr. Al-Salem’s leadership persona is enhanced. Furthermore, his economic background, characterized by high academic qualifications and practical experience, is complemented by a broad and diverse network of international relations, as reported by Al-Rai daily.

This unique combination of political and economic expertise has fueled optimism within the local business community. There is a shared belief that the upcoming government will prioritize creating favorable conditions for economic innovation, visions, and ideas that contribute to sustainable economic and financial development. The business community expresses confidence in Dr. Al-Salem’s ability to support and achieve this goal.

In separate discussions with Al-Rai, company board directors and CEOs have affirmed that Dr. Al-Salem’s nomination as Prime Minister aligns with recent regional and global market changes. They see him as a leader capable of steering Kuwait’s livelihood back on track amidst economic challenges, with the prowess to address financial concerns through practical capabilities and specialized expertise.

Economists emphasize the need for the Prime Minister to prioritize economic and financial development in the upcoming government. They stress the importance of enhanced private sector participation to achieve targeted development goals. Robust economic and financial growth rates are seen as crucial to address fiscal challenges and rectify structural imbalances in the general budget.

Sheikh Nawaf Saud Al-Sabah, CEO of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, praises Dr. Al-Salem as a professional figure with diplomatic, political, and economic expertise. He believes that these qualities will significantly contribute to supporting the oil sector, particularly in the face of global challenges and the ongoing energy transformation worldwide.

Al-Sabah expresses the oil sector’s anticipation of government support in confronting the challenges of energy transition. He emphasizes the sector’s projects to increase production and boost public income revenues. Creating an attractive economic environment for investment and Kuwaiti youth is deemed essential, and high expectations are placed on the Prime Minister’s leadership given his informed perspective and extensive experience across multiple domains.

In conclusion, the appointment of Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Sabah Al-Salem as Prime Minister has garnered strong support from the Kuwaiti business community. His exceptional leadership qualities, combined with his political and economic expertise, have instilled optimism within the community. The upcoming government’s focus on economic innovation and sustainable development is seen as a top priority, with the business community expressing confidence in Dr. Al-Salem’s ability to achieve these goals. The Prime Minister’s extensive experience and specialized expertise across various domains are expected to positively impact the oil sector and address the challenges of energy transition.

Source: TimesKuwait

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