Kuwaiti Amir’s Visit to Jordan Affirmed Bilateral Bonds and Regional Cooperation

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Importance of the Kuwaiti Amir’s Visit

The House of Nobles Parliament Speaker Faisal Al-Fayez and House of Representatives Speaker Ahmad Al-Safadi highlighted the significance of Amir Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah’s visit to Jordan. They emphasized the longstanding and profound ties between Kuwait and Jordan, expressing a mutual desire to fortify bilateral relations across various sectors for the benefit of both nations.

Joint Arab Cooperation

Al-Fayez remarked that the Amir’s visit underscores the collaborative Arab efforts between Kuwait and Jordan to bolster bilateral ties, solidify unity, enhance cooperation, address regional concerns, and harmonize stances on these issues.

A Model for Arab Relations

He further stated that the Kuwaiti-Jordanian relationship serves as an exemplar of Arab cooperation, with ongoing dialogue and coordination between the Amir and King Abdullah II aimed at reinforcing ties and addressing regional matters, particularly those that support Arab causes and seek to halt hostilities in Palestine.

Commitment to Bilateral Growth

Al-Fayez praised the advancements in Kuwait-Jordan relations, attributing them to leadership directives. He lauded Kuwait’s security, stability, and development under the Amir’s prudent leadership, which prioritizes the nation’s well-being.

Mutual Support and Solidarity

He also acknowledged Kuwait’s supportive stance towards Jordan, expressing gratitude for the Amir and the Kuwaiti populace’s assistance in tackling Jordan’s economic hurdles. Al-Fayez commended the Amir’s dedication to Arab unity and the restoration of peace in the region.

Strong Bilateral Ties

Speaker Al-Safadi described the Kuwaiti-Jordanian bond as a robust relationship founded on trust, respect, and high-level coordination. He noted the shared destiny and cooperation between the two nations, led by rulers who place their countries’ interests at the forefront.

Shared Vision for Palestine

Al-Safadi highlighted the aligned perspectives of Kuwait and Jordan regarding the Palestinian issue, advocating for a two-state solution.

Leadership and Arab Unity

He emphasized the wisdom of both nations’ leaders in striving for their peoples’ security and peace and bridging the divide among Arab countries. Al-Safadi affirmed Kuwait and Amman’s belief in the Arab nations’ resilience and their collective capacity to overcome challenges, appreciating Kuwait’s unwavering support for Jordan and the intertwined future of both states.

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