Ministry of Interior Launches Female Domestic Transfer Service via ‘Sahl’

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The Ministry of Interior has recently introduced a new service called the “residence transfer service” for female domestic workers in Kuwait. This service aims to facilitate the process of transferring domestic workers from one sponsor to another. It is accessible through the unified government application called “Sahl.”

This collaboration between the General Administration of Information Systems and the Nationality and Residence Affairs Sector is a significant step towards streamlining the transfer process for domestic workers. The service initially focuses on domestic workers under Article (20), who are employed as domestic helpers in Kuwait.

With the introduction of this new service, female domestic workers now have a more efficient and convenient way to transfer their residence from one sponsor to another. This will help alleviate the challenges and difficulties often faced by domestic workers during the transfer process.

The Ministry of Interior’s initiative reflects their commitment to improving the welfare and rights of domestic workers in Kuwait. By providing this service through the “Sahl” application, the government aims to simplify administrative procedures and ensure a smoother transition for domestic workers.

For more information about the Ministry of Interior’s female domestic transfer service, please visit the TimesKuwait website.

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