Pakistan and Kuwait see new improvements in their bilateral relations.

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pakistan and Kuwait flag along with  Ambassador Malik Muhammad Farooq

KUWAIT CITY, March 11: Ambassador Malik Muhammad Farooq of Pakistan to Kuwait highlights the distinguished relationship between Pakistan and Kuwait, noting a new phase under the leadership of both nations. At a dinner event in honor of Pakistani Quran reciter Syed Sadaqat Ali, the ambassador expressed optimism for fruitful cooperation across various sectors in the future. Discussions with the Kuwait Investment Authority aimed at expanding investments in Pakistan were emphasized, welcoming private sector engagement given Pakistan’s sizable market potential. Cooperation in crucial sectors like food security and renewable energy was underscored.

Ambassador Farooq referenced the recent visit of Pakistan’s Prime Minister to Kuwait, resulting in the signing of seven agreements spanning food security, agricultural supplies, electricity, and solar energy. Pakistan’s initiatives include establishing an investment promotion council and facilitating investor-friendly environments, particularly in five key areas. Addressing visa issues and Pakistan’s status, Ambassador Farooq conveyed aspirations to strengthen Kuwait-Pakistan ties, citing support from Kuwait’s leadership.

Pakistan and Kuwait Deals

Regarding the export of Pakistani meat, discussions with Kuwaiti livestock companies showed interest, subject to specific measures and conditions, potentially seeing Pakistani livestock in Kuwait during Eid Al-Adha. Military relations were highlighted, with defense cooperation agreements and ongoing exchanges between military committees. Pakistan offered its “GF Thunder” fighter jets to Kuwait, showcasing their capability and highlighting recent deals with other countries.

Pakistani Quran reciter Syed Sadaqat Ali expressed delight at his Kuwait visit, noting his extensive experience in Quranic education globally. Born in 1950, Ali’s association with the Quran began early, leading to numerous international accolades.

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