2GO Launches MV 2GO Masigla: First Lady Leads the Way

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The Launch of MV 2GO Masigla

The launch of the MV 2GO Masigla is not only a milestone for 2GO Travel but also for the entire maritime industry in the Philippines. It signifies the continuous efforts of the company to provide exceptional amenities and affordable travel options for seagoing passengers. With the presence of First Lady Marie Louise Araneta-Marcos, the event showcased the importance of the maritime industry in the country’s economic growth and connectivity.

The Excitement of Frederic Dybuncio

During the launch, Frederic Dybuncio, the President and CEO of 2GO, expressed his excitement about the new vessel. He emphasized the company’s dedication to offering cruise-like amenities while remaining accessible to Filipinos. The MV 2GO Masigla boasts upgraded facilities and amenities, including spacious cabins, suite rooms, a restaurant, clinic, and shopping stores. These features are designed to pamper passengers and provide them with a truly exceptional voyage, making it the first of its kind in the country.

The Capabilities of MV 2GO Masigla

Sharon Musngi-Ngo, the Business Unit Head of 2GO Sea Solutions, highlighted the ship’s capabilities, stating that it can carry more cargo and offers passengers a wide range of activities while on board. This ensures that passengers have a fulfilling and enjoyable experience throughout their journey. The vessel, measuring 163 meters, was manufactured in Japan and sailed in Korea before being brought to the Philippines. With a maximum capacity of approximately 700 passengers, the MV 2GO Masigla sets itself apart by allowing each passenger to bring 50 kilograms of cargo. Additionally, pets are also permitted to be transported on board, making it convenient for passengers traveling with their furry companions.

The Sister Ship and Technological Advancements

The MV 2GO Masigla is the sister ship of the MV 2GO Maligaya, which is the largest and most technologically advanced ropax vessel in the country. It boasts 50 percent faster turnaround times compared to traditional freighters that operate between Manila, Iloilo, Bacolod, and Cagayan. This not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to the overall growth of the maritime industry.

Expanding Routes and Services

2GO Travel is not stopping at the launch of the MV 2GO Masigla. The company has plans to expand its routes to General Santos and Davao City by the end of the year. This expansion will provide more options for passengers traveling to and from these destinations, further enhancing connectivity within the country. The commitment to expanding services reflects 2GO’s dedication to meeting the evolving needs of customers across various industries.

The Importance of Safety

Commodore Arnaldo Lim, the Commander of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) District NCR-Central Luzon, emphasized the importance of safety for seagoing passengers. The PCG conducts safety inspections to ensure that rebuilt and refurbished vessels like the MV 2GO Masigla adhere to safety regulations. Commodore Lim stated that the PCG is committed to maintaining the upkeep of all vessels, thereby guaranteeing the safety of passengers. This commitment to safety is crucial in maintaining the trust and confidence of passengers in the maritime industry.

Collaboration and Support

The launch of the MV 2GO Masigla also showcased the collaboration between different stakeholders in the maritime industry. The presence of Enrique Razon, the Chairman and CEO of International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI), and Jabeth Dacanay of the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) further emphasizes the collective effort to promote growth and development in the industry. The support from the government and the involvement of the First Lady serve as a testament to their commitment to enhancing transportation across the archipelago.

Optimism for the Future

Despite the challenges posed by the geopolitical landscape, 2GO remains cautiously optimistic about the future. Will Howell, the CFO and Treasurer of 2GO, acknowledged that there is room for growth, particularly in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. The company is determined to explore opportunities to expand its services while navigating the complexities of the current environment. With its diverse business units, 2GO, as part of SM Investments Corp., is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of customers across various industries.

Source: The Manila Times

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