Changes in Motorcycle Access on EDSA-Kamuning Service Road: MMDA Implements New Regulations to Alleviate Traffic Congestion

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The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority Implements Motorcycle Ban on EDSA-Kamuning Service Road

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has recently announced that motorcycles will no longer be allowed on the EDSA-Kamuning service road starting from Friday, May 3. This decision comes as part of the MMDA’s efforts to address the traffic congestion issues in the area.

Partial Closure of the EDSA-Kamuning Flyover for Rehabilitation

In addition to the motorcycle ban, the southbound lane of the EDSA-Kamuning flyover has been partially closed since May 1 for rehabilitation. This move aims to strengthen the infrastructure of the flyover, making it more resilient against earthquakes and ensuring the safety of motorists.

Alternative Routes for Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle riders who usually take the EDSA-Kamuning service road are advised to consider alternative routes to reach their destinations. The MMDA suggests using roads such as Scout Borromeo, Panay Avenue, Mother Ignacia Avenue, and Scout Albano as viable alternatives. By diverting motorcycle traffic away from the EDSA-Kamuning service road, the MMDA hopes to alleviate congestion in the area and improve overall traffic flow.

MMDA Acting Chairman Don Artes emphasizes the importance of using these alternate routes to minimize the impact on traffic. He states, “This move is to lessen the traffic on the Kamuning service road. All vehicles, including motorcycles, are urged to use the alternate routes.” Artes also assures the public that barangay officials will be actively involved in clearing these alternate routes and ensuring smooth traffic flow in the area.

Addressing Traffic Volume on the EDSA-Kamuning Flyover

Data from the MMDA Traffic Engineering Center reveals that approximately 24,000 four-wheeled vehicles and 23,000 motorcycles travel through the southbound lanes of the EDSA-Kamuning flyover on a daily basis. This significant volume of traffic contributes to the congestion experienced in the area.

To effectively manage this traffic volume, the MMDA has decided to implement the motorcycle ban on the EDSA-Kamuning service road. By redirecting motorcycles to alternative routes, the MMDA aims to reduce the number of vehicles on the flyover, thus improving traffic flow and overall road conditions.

Ensuring the Safety and Resilience of the EDSA-Kamuning Flyover

The partial closure of the EDSA-Kamuning flyover for rehabilitation is a proactive measure taken by the MMDA to fortify the structure against potential earthquakes. Retrofitting procedures are being implemented to strengthen the flyover’s foundations and ensure its ability to withstand seismic activities.

This move underscores the MMDA’s commitment to prioritizing public safety and infrastructure resilience. By investing in the retrofitting of critical road structures, the MMDA aims to enhance the overall safety and durability of the transportation network in the metropolitan area.

In conclusion, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s decision to ban motorcycles on the EDSA-Kamuning service road and partially close the flyover for rehabilitation demonstrates their dedication to improving traffic conditions and ensuring the safety of motorists. By providing alternative routes and actively involving barangay officials in traffic management, the MMDA aims to alleviate congestion and maintain smooth traffic flow in the area. Additionally, the retrofitting procedures being implemented on the EDSA-Kamuning flyover highlight the MMDA’s proactive approach to fortifying critical road infrastructure against seismic activities. Through these measures, the MMDA strives to create a more efficient and resilient transportation network for the benefit of all commuters in Metropolitan Manila.

Source: The Manila Times

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