DoT Allocates Funds for Pre-Restoration Work on Manila Post Office

Department of Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco leads the ‘Philippine Experience: Culture, heritage and the arts’ caravan at Calabarzon. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO
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The Department of Tourism (DoT) Secretary, Christina Garcia-Frasco, has expressed her strong support for the restoration of the historic Manila Post Office. In collaboration with the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (Tieza), the DoT has allocated P15 million for Detailed Architectural and Engineering Studies (DAES) to evaluate the conservation and pre-restoration work needed for the Manila Central Post Office (MCPO) building. The MCPO building suffered extensive damage due to a massive fire on May 22, 2023.

Secretary Frasco commended the partnership between the Philippine Postal Corporation, the management of the Manila Central Post Office, and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts in ensuring the proper and meticulous restoration of this landmark. She emphasized the significance of rehabilitation in promoting culture, arts, history, and tourism, which can create additional opportunities for livelihoods among Filipinos.

The allocation of government funds for the conservation assessment and pre-restoration work on the country’s central post office is timely and necessary. This is especially true considering the groundwork laid by the national government for the Pasig River Urban Development project, known as the Pasig Bigyan Buhay Muli (PBBM), under the Office of the First Lady.

The destruction of the Manila Central Post Office in the massive fire not only resulted in the loss of a building but also erased a significant part of Filipino history. Secretary Frasco expressed her confidence that once the restoration is completed, it will contribute to the tourism activities in the area, particularly as the President and First Lady have initiated the transformation of the Pasig River.

Given the severity of the damage and the cultural significance of the MCPO, the restoration project requires an integrated and multisectoral strategy. The Detailed Architectural and Engineering Studies (DAES) will provide a comprehensive assessment of the building’s current state and propose potential actions for the site.

The DAES will be conducted in two phases. The first phase will focus on creating pre-restoration plans, while the second phase will involve developing the rehabilitation and conservation plan. The allocation of funds includes P6 million for designing the shoring and methodology, another P6 million for condition assessment plans and diagnostic results for damaged areas, and P3 million for the cost analysis process.

The restoration of the Manila Central Post Office is a significant endeavor that aims to preserve the rich history and heritage of the Filipino people. Secretary Frasco’s support and the allocation of government funds demonstrate the commitment to ensuring the proper and meticulous restoration of this iconic landmark. The completion of this project will not only contribute to tourism activities but also serve as a testament to the resilience and determination of the Filipino people to preserve their cultural treasures for future generations.

Source: The Manila Times

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