Marcos Urges Completion of Water Projects to Combat Impending Crisis

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has directed both the private and public sectors to expedite the completion of all water projects in the Philippines as part of the collective effort to improve water security and address potential water scarcity in the country. Photo from PCO
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President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has called for the swift completion of water projects across the country in response to an impending water crisis caused by the El Niño phenomenon. During the inauguration of the Davao City Bulk Water Supply Project in Davao City, President Marcos emphasized the urgency of improving water security and directed relevant agencies to expedite the completion of these projects.

The President highlighted the detrimental effects of water supply disruptions on the quality of life, economic activities, and social order. He stressed that water scarcity is one of the most challenging emergencies to contain, but it can be prevented through foresight, effective planning, united action, and political will.

“In the Bagong Pilipinas, we anticipate problems instead of being caught off guard. We prepare for contingencies, solve problems, and defuse potential crises before they occur. Our vision is to build a nation that our children can proudly inherit. This project is worth bequeathing to future generations,” President Marcos stated.

The Davao City Bulk Water Supply Project, a public-private partnership between Apo Agua Infrastructura Inc. and the Davao City Water District (DCWD), is one of the largest private bulk water supply facilities in the country. It can deliver 300 million liters of treated water per day from the Tamugan River to DCWD when operating at full capacity.

President Marcos emphasized that the project’s significance extends beyond supplying Davao City with bulk water. It also aims to provide clean water to improve the quality of life for its residents. Currently, the facility is already delivering 300 million liters of water per day to over one million households in Davao City.

Furthermore, the President highlighted that the new water project would help replenish the majority of DCWD’s wells, ensuring sufficient water supply to meet the city’s rapid growth. Additionally, it would play a crucial role in protecting the city from environmental degradation, land subsidence, and saltwater intrusion.

Water scarcity is a global concern, and it is essential to address this issue promptly and effectively. By completing water projects and implementing sustainable water management practices, countries can mitigate the impact of water crises on their populations. The Philippines, under President Marcos’ leadership, is taking proactive measures to ensure water security and improve the lives of its citizens.

In conclusion, President Marcos has emphasized the urgent need to complete water projects across the country to address the impending water crisis caused by El Niño. By prioritizing water security, implementing effective plans, and taking united action, the Philippines aims to prevent water scarcity and its detrimental effects on the quality of life and the economy. The Davao City Bulk Water Supply Project serves as a prime example of the government’s commitment to providing clean and sufficient water to its citizens while protecting the environment.

Source: The Manila Times

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