MIAA Considers Terminating Pest Control Contracts at NAIA

Ninoy Aquino International Airport
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The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) is currently facing a series of challenges regarding the quality of services provided at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). General Manager Eric Ines has expressed his intention to terminate the contracts of the pest control and housekeeping units due to their failure to meet the required standards.

The decision to consider termination came after incidents of rodent and bed bug infestations were reported in Terminals 2 and 3 of the airport. Ines highlighted that the private concessionaires responsible for cleaning and maintaining the four terminal facilities also exhibited lapses in their duties.

Upon reviewing the contracts and terms of reference, Ines discovered that the number of personnel assigned to handle the terminals was inadequate. With just eight personnel, it is clear that the workload is overwhelming and insufficient for the task at hand.

To address the issue of cleanliness and hygiene, MIAA management has decided to implement a ban on passengers placing bags or luggage on the airport’s four-seater chairs. While the intention is not to penalize passengers, strict monitoring will be enforced to ensure compliance.

Chris Noel Bendijo, MIAA Head Executive Assistant, acknowledged the challenges in replacing the service provider, as it involves a bidding process. However, he assured the public that the cleaning process would be revisited by Monday. The focus will be on evaluating the service provider’s track record to identify any past lapses and to hold them accountable for their commitment moving forward.

The concerns raised by passengers have also reached the attention of the House of Representatives. OFW Party-list Rep. Marissa “Del Mar” Magsino has filed House Resolution 1615, calling for an inquiry into NAIA’s passenger service practices. While acknowledging the immediate actions taken by MIAA officials to address complaints regarding bed bugs, rats, and cockroaches, Magsino emphasized the need to investigate the compounded issues that have contributed to NAIA’s reputation as one of the world’s worst airports.

The resolution recognizes the increasing passenger traffic at the airport, which has resulted in long queues at immigration counters during peak periods. Passengers have expressed frustration over missed flights due to prolonged processing by immigration officers. These issues highlight the need for a comprehensive review of the passenger service practices at NAIA.

Ines and the MIAA are committed to addressing these challenges and improving the overall passenger experience at NAIA. The termination of contracts and the inquiry into passenger service practices demonstrate their dedication to rectifying the issues plaguing the airport.

It is crucial for the MIAA to prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of passengers. By taking decisive action and implementing necessary changes, they can work towards restoring confidence in NAIA and ensuring that it meets international standards for airport services.

In conclusion, the termination of contracts for the pest control and housekeeping units, along with the inquiry into passenger service practices, are significant steps towards resolving the issues faced by NAIA. The MIAA’s commitment to improving the airport’s facilities and services is essential in restoring its reputation and providing a pleasant experience for travelers.

Source: The Manila Times

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