Navotas City Adds Three New Pumping Stations to Combat Flooding

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MANILA, Philippines: Navotas City is taking significant steps towards mitigating flooding with the addition of three new anti-flood control systems. Local officials are confident that the city’s total of 72 pumping stations will make flooding “a thing of the past.”

Mayor John Rey Tiangco and his brother, Rep. Tobias “Toby” Tiangco, recently inaugurated the pumping stations in Judge Roldan Street, Barangay San Roque; Daanghari Street, Barangay Daanghari; and Maliputo Street in Barangay North Bay Boulevard South Dagat-dagatan. The event was attended by Vice Mayor Tito Sanchez, city councilors, barangay officials, department heads, and representatives from the Department of Public Works and Highways.

“In the past, when one heard about Navotas, it was known not only for fish but also for flooding, which brought suffering to many residents and affected their livelihoods,” Mayor Tiangco explained. “But there is a big difference now. Flooding is no longer a top problem, and we owe this to the strategically placed pumping stations that the city government has established over the years.”

Tiangco, in an interview with The Manila Times via Viber, shared that he and his brother collaborated to set up the 72 pumping stations. While they acknowledge that it may not completely eliminate flooding, especially during high tide, the operational pumping stations effectively reduce floodwater levels in major and secondary roads.

However, the Tiangco brothers emphasized that flood control is a shared responsibility. They urged Navotas residents to practice responsible waste disposal, as it plays a crucial role in minimizing flooding. “Residents can contribute significantly to flood prevention by properly disposing of their garbage and following the scheduled collection by the hauling trucks,” Mayor Tiangco stated.

By addressing the issue of waste management, the city aims to further enhance its flood control efforts. Proper waste disposal prevents clogging of drainage systems, ensuring the smooth flow of water during heavy rains. This proactive approach, combined with the strategic placement of pumping stations, demonstrates Navotas City’s commitment to effectively combat flooding.

Navotas City, located in the Philippines, is particularly susceptible to flooding due to its low-lying coastal location. The city’s reliance on fishing as a major industry further emphasizes the importance of flood control measures. Flooding not only disrupts the daily lives of residents but also impacts their livelihoods.

With the implementation of the additional pumping stations, Navotas City is taking significant strides towards long-term flood prevention. These pumping stations, strategically placed throughout the city, work in tandem with existing infrastructure to efficiently drain floodwater from the streets.

While the pumping stations cannot entirely eliminate the risk of flooding, they significantly reduce the impact by swiftly removing water from major and secondary roads. This allows for a quicker return to normalcy after heavy rainfall events.

However, the success of flood control measures in Navotas City relies not only on infrastructure but also on the active participation of its residents. Proper waste disposal is crucial in preventing blockages in drainage systems, which can exacerbate flooding. By disposing of garbage responsibly and following designated collection schedules, residents can contribute to minimizing flood risks.

Navotas City’s commitment to flood control serves as an example of effective governance and proactive urban planning. The collaboration between local officials and the Department of Public Works and Highways showcases the importance of interagency cooperation in addressing pressing issues.

As Navotas City continues to invest in flood control infrastructure and promote responsible waste management, the vision of a flood-free future becomes increasingly attainable. The efforts of Mayor John Rey Tiangco, Rep. Tobias “Toby” Tiangco, and the entire city government demonstrate their dedication to the well-being and prosperity of Navotas City and its residents.

Source: The Manila Times

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