Positive Growth in Tourist Arrivals in the Philippines

Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco. PHOTO BY J. GERARD SEGUIA
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The Department of Tourism (DoT) has reported that tourist arrivals in the Philippines have exceeded 1.2 million in the first two months of 2024. This robust figure is a positive indication of the future of Philippine tourism, according to Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco.

Secretary Frasco expressed her profound gratitude to the Philippine sellers who continue to champion Philippine tourism. Their efforts have contributed to the country receiving over 1.2 million international visitors during this period. This accomplishment highlights the growing appeal of the Philippines as a tourist destination.

Out of the total arrivals, 1,160,129 or 94.49 percent were foreigners, while 67,686 or 5.51 percent were overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). This data underscores the significant contribution of international tourists to the country’s tourism industry.

Compared to the same period in 2023, the number of arrivals has increased by 22.86 percent. This growth demonstrates the increasing popularity of the Philippines as a preferred destination for travelers.

South Korea remains the top source market for the Philippines, accounting for 349,956 or 28.50 percent of the total arrivals. The United States follows closely behind with 195,603 arrivals, making up 15.93 percent of the total. China, Japan, and Canada also contribute a considerable number of visitors to the Philippines.

Australia ranks sixth with 50,488 arrivals, followed by Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Germany. These countries represent a diverse range of visitors who are attracted to the Philippines’ natural beauty, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality.

In addition to the increase in tourist arrivals, the DoT also anticipates a rise in visitor receipts. The Visitor Sample Survey reveals that estimated visitor receipts for January 2024 amounted to $652.26 million, which is 4.84 percent higher than the previous year.

The positive growth in visitor receipts reflects the economic benefits brought by tourism to the Philippines. It not only enhances the country’s reputation as a sought-after destination but also contributes to local businesses and communities.

In 2023, the Philippines welcomed more than 5.45 million foreign visitors, surpassing the industry’s goal of 4.8 million. This year, the target is set even higher, with hopes of attracting 7.7 million arrivals. The continuous growth in tourist arrivals and visitor receipts signifies the Philippines’ position as a rising star in the global tourism landscape.

As the Philippines continues to promote its unique attractions and develop its tourism infrastructure, it is well on its way to becoming a top destination for travelers from around the world. The government’s commitment to sustainable tourism practices and the warm hospitality of the Filipino people make the country an inviting and memorable place to visit.

With the increasing number of international visitors and the positive economic impact of tourism, the future of Philippine tourism looks promising. As the world recovers from the challenges of the past, the Philippines is ready to welcome travelers with open arms and provide them with unforgettable experiences in this beautiful archipelago.

Source: The Manila Times

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