Stability of Grid System in Panay Island Assured by DoE Official

National Grid Corp. of the Philippines
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An official from the Department of Energy (DoE) has provided reassurance that the grid system in Panay Island and its neighboring provinces remains stable. Energy Assistant Secretary Mario Marasigan stated that the department has been closely monitoring the power supply on the island since the blackout that occurred on January 2.

Marasigan, speaking in Filipino during a weekly forum in Quezon City, emphasized that the current situation is favorable, with ample power supply and no shortages. He further highlighted that the department is continuously monitoring the situation every 30 minutes to ensure stability. Interestingly, there are even instances when Panay Island exports power to Negros.

Addressing concerns about rotational brownouts, Marasigan clarified that apart from the blackout on January 2, no such incidents have been experienced on the island. He expressed hope that the National Grid Corp. of the Philippines’ (NGCP) line enhancement program, specifically the Cebu-Negros-Panay (CNP) Stage 3 Project, will be completed soon. This project aims to prevent future outages by increasing the capacity to transfer power supply to Negros and Panay.

Marasigan explained that the completion of the CNP Stage 3 Project is a key solution to avoid power interruptions. This project involves enhancing the transfer capacity between Negros and Panay, allowing for an increase from the current 180 megawatts to 400 megawatts. Even if generation in Panay is significantly reduced, this upgraded line will ensure a continuous supply of electricity.

The NGCP has committed to finishing the project by the end of March, according to Marasigan. Once completed, it will provide a more robust and reliable power transmission system for Panay Island and its neighboring provinces.

Ensuring a stable and reliable grid system is crucial for the residents and businesses in Panay Island and its surrounding areas. The DoE’s proactive monitoring and commitment to address any potential issues demonstrate their dedication to maintaining an uninterrupted power supply.

It is worth noting that the stability of the grid system is not only essential for the daily lives of the local population but also for various industries and economic activities. A reliable power supply is vital for manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, and other sectors that contribute to the region’s growth and development.

Furthermore, the completion of the CNP Stage 3 Project will not only prevent outages but also enhance the overall resilience of the power infrastructure in the area. This will provide a more secure energy supply and reduce the vulnerability to disruptions caused by unforeseen circumstances.

In conclusion, the Department of Energy assures the public that the grid system in Panay Island and its neighboring provinces remains stable. With ample power supply and continuous monitoring, the department is committed to ensuring a reliable electricity source. The ongoing CNP Stage 3 Project will further strengthen the power transmission system, preventing future outages and enhancing the overall resilience of the region’s energy infrastructure.

Source: The Manila Times

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