ABS-CBN News Channel Continues Broadcasting Despite SkyCable Shutdown

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Despite the recent shutdown of its primary cable operator, SkyCable, the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) has announced that it will continue to remain on the air. This announcement was made by the network’s parent company, ABS-CBN, on Monday night.

ANC, also known as the ABS-CBN News Channel, will continue its operations starting from February 26, as previously stated by the network. While SkyCable’s services may no longer be available, ANC programs will still be accessible through partner cable television providers nationwide. Additionally, viewers can also watch ANC programs online via its YouTube channel and the ABS-CBN News website. For those who prefer streaming services, ANC programs will be available on iWantTFC and The Filipino Channel.

Evening viewers can still catch ANC’s late-night news bulletin, “The World Tonight”, which is now being broadcasted on the pay TV Kapamilya Channel at 11 p.m. on weekdays. This ensures that viewers can continue to receive up-to-date news and information from ANC, despite the changes in cable provider.

SkyCable’s operations are expected to cease completely by the end of the following month. This comes after the Philippine Competition Commission’s approval of the sale of the cable provider to PLDT for P6.75 billion. While this marks the end of an era for SkyCable, ANC is determined to continue delivering news and current affairs programming to its audience.

The decision to keep ANC on the air despite the shutdown of its primary cable operator is a testament to the network’s commitment to providing reliable and accessible news coverage. By partnering with other cable television providers and expanding its online presence, ANC ensures that its programs can reach a wide audience across the country.

In today’s digital age, where online streaming and on-demand content have become increasingly popular, ANC’s decision to make its programs available through various platforms demonstrates its adaptability and willingness to embrace new technologies. By utilizing its YouTube channel, the ABS-CBN News website, iWantTFC, and The Filipino Channel, ANC is able to cater to the diverse viewing preferences of its audience.

Furthermore, the inclusion of ANC programs on the pay TV Kapamilya Channel ensures that viewers who rely on cable television can still access the network’s content. This move not only provides continuity for loyal ANC viewers but also introduces new audiences to the channel’s high-quality news programming.

The sale of SkyCable to PLDT highlights the changing landscape of the cable industry. As competition increases and consumer preferences evolve, networks like ANC must adapt to ensure their continued relevance and reach. By exploring partnerships and embracing digital platforms, ANC is positioning itself for future success in the ever-changing media landscape.

In conclusion, despite the shutdown of its primary cable operator, SkyCable, ANC remains committed to delivering news and current affairs programming to its audience. Through partnerships with cable television providers, online streaming platforms, and the inclusion of its programs on the pay TV Kapamilya Channel, ANC ensures that its content is accessible to viewers nationwide. This move not only showcases ANC’s adaptability but also its dedication to providing reliable and trustworthy news coverage in the face of changing industry dynamics.

Source: The Manila Times

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