Germany’s New Skilled Migration Act Opens Doors for Filipino Workers

German Ambassador to the Philippines Dr. Andreas Pfaffernoschke
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Filipino skilled workers now have a chance to explore immigration opportunities in Germany, thanks to the country’s new Skilled Migration Act (SMA). The German Embassy in the Philippines announced this exciting development, highlighting the SMA as a significant step towards promoting collaboration, fair immigration, and mutual benefit between Germany and the Philippines.

Under the SMA, Germany will introduce innovative channels for skilled workers from countries outside the European Union, including the Philippines, to immigrate to Germany. This move is aimed at fostering cooperation and creating a pathway for skilled workers to contribute their expertise in technical professions.

German Ambassador to the Philippines, Dr. Andreas Pfaffernoschke, expressed his optimism about the potential for collaboration between Berlin and Manila. He emphasized the shared commitment to addressing climate change and promoting renewable energy as areas where Germany and the Philippines can work together. Furthermore, he highlighted the stable macroeconomic environment that offers promising prospects for trade and investment.

The German Embassy’s Economic Counselor, Dr. David Klebs, extended a warm welcome to skilled workers, emphasizing Germany’s open arms and full support. He noted that the SMA provides even better incentives for Filipino skilled workers to consider working in Germany.

The new law simplifies immigration procedures for skilled workers with vocational training and practical knowledge. It also introduces provisions for the EU Blue Card visa, facilitating work migration, particularly for highly qualified professionals in MINT (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences, and technology) professions and medical doctors. The embassy also emphasized the need for nurses in Germany’s healthcare sector and their warm reception.

The German Embassy is collaborating closely with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda), Commission on Higher Education, and the Department of Migrant Workers to ensure fair and sustainable immigration practices. Their goal is to maintain a high standard of protection and equality for Filipinos starting to work in Germany.

Highlighting some specific benefits, the embassy mentioned that IT specialists can secure an EU Blue Card based on professional experience alone, without a formal qualification. Additionally, the Act guarantees that skilled workers with professional or academic training are entitled to a residence permit, provided they meet all the requirements.

The phased implementation of these new regulations began in November 2023, with notable enhancements for skilled workers from non-EU countries already in place as of last month.

The German Skilled Migration Act opens up exciting opportunities for Filipino skilled workers to explore career prospects in Germany. With simplified immigration procedures, provisions for the EU Blue Card visa, and a welcoming environment, Germany is actively seeking to collaborate with talented individuals from the Philippines. This bilateral relationship not only benefits both countries but also contributes to the fight against climate change and the promotion of renewable energy. Filipino skilled workers can now consider Germany as a viable option for their professional growth and development.

Source: The Manila Times

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