Go Negosyo’s Mentorship Program Empowers Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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GO Negosyo, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting a culture of entrepreneurship among Filipinos, recently launched its mentorship program for aspiring entrepreneurs. The program was kicked off during the celebration of Chinese New Year at Robinsons Manila, with Go Negosyo founder Jose Maria “Joey” Concepcion 3rd leading the initiative.

The mentorship program, known as 3M On Wheels, offers free one-on-one coaching, financing, and market solutions for both established and aspiring entrepreneurs. It aims to provide the necessary guidance and support to help individuals succeed in their entrepreneurial ventures.

One of the key highlights of the program is the participation of some of the country’s top business executives and consultants who have volunteered to share their expertise on micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Their valuable insights and experiences will undoubtedly provide aspiring entrepreneurs with a wealth of knowledge to draw upon.

During the event, Dr. Mark Lisaca, president of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Manila, and Trade Undersecretary Ma. Cristina Roque delivered inspiring messages aimed at boosting the growth of MSMEs in the country. Their presence and support further underscore the importance of fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In addition to the esteemed speakers, Nadine Ablaza, founder and chief executive officer of Metal Straw Philippines, also gave a lecture on leveraging social media to promote MSMEs. Her talk provided valuable insights on utilizing digital platforms to reach a wider audience and increase brand visibility.

The event was graced by the presence of notable figures such as Manila Vice Mayor Yul Servo and former senator Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino 4th, author of the Go Negosyo Act. Their attendance demonstrates the significance of the mentorship program and its potential to drive positive change in the entrepreneurial landscape.

The 3M On Wheels program emphasizes the three key elements essential for successful entrepreneurship: mentorship, money, and market. By focusing on these vital aspects, Go Negosyo aims to equip individuals with the necessary tools and resources to navigate the challenges of starting and growing a business.

The inspiration behind the mentorship program stems from the increasing number of Filipinos turning to entrepreneurship as a means of achieving financial independence and pursuing their passions. Go Negosyo recognizes the potential of these aspiring entrepreneurs and seeks to empower them through mentorship and support.

Go Negosyo’s commitment to promoting a culture of entrepreneurship is evident in its dedication to providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the guidance and resources needed to succeed. By offering free mentorship, coaching, and market solutions, the organization is actively fostering an environment where individuals can thrive and contribute to the country’s economic growth.

In conclusion, GO Negosyo’s mentorship program is a valuable initiative that empowers aspiring entrepreneurs in the Philippines. By providing access to expert guidance, financing, and market solutions, Go Negosyo is equipping individuals with the necessary tools to succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors. The program’s launch during the celebration of Chinese New Year further emphasizes the organization’s commitment to fostering a culture of entrepreneurship among Filipinos. With the support of top business executives, consultants, and notable figures, Go Negosyo’s mentorship program holds great promise in driving the growth and success of micro, small, and medium enterprises in the country.

Source: The Manila Times

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