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Go Negosyo founder Jose Maria ‘Joey’ Concepcion 3rd PHOTO BY JOHN ORVEN VERDOTE
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Go Negosyo, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship among Filipinos, is inviting the public to join its upcoming 3M on Wheels program. This free entrepreneurship mentoring initiative is specifically designed for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and will be led by Go Negosyo founder Jose Maria “Joey” Concepcion 3rd.

The 3M on Wheels program will take place at the Level 1 Atrium, Midtown Wing, Robinsons Manila, on February 10, 2024. In an enthusiastic statement posted on its Facebook page, Go Negosyo encourages individuals to take advantage of this opportunity, especially during the Chinese New Year festivities.

Concepcion emphasized the significance of this free mentoring event, stating that it reflects Go Negosyo’s commitment to supporting MSMEs, particularly given the promising prospects for the Philippine economy. He believes that scaling up MSMEs is crucial for the country to overcome poverty and achieve sustainable growth. This sentiment aligns with the views of experts and economists who anticipate the continued expansion of the Philippine economy, despite global economic challenges. Furthermore, the Philippine delegation to the 2024 World Economic Forum has affirmed that the country is the best investment destination in the region.

Inspired by these positive developments, Go Negosyo aims to organize at least 50 entrepreneurship mentoring events this year, doubling the number of small entrepreneurs they can assist in starting and growing their businesses. The program will feature the participation of top business executives and founders of successful enterprises, providing attendees with invaluable insights and guidance.

The 3M on Wheels program offers not only one-on-one coaching for active and aspiring entrepreneurs but also access to financing and market solutions. Mentorship, Money, and Market are the three pillars that underpin Go Negosyo’s mission to foster successful entrepreneurship in the Philippines. Recognizing the growing number of Filipinos venturing into entrepreneurship, this program seeks to bridge the learning gap and equip entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and knowledge to thrive in their entrepreneurial journey.

Go Negosyo’s commitment to promoting a culture of entrepreneurship among Filipinos is commendable. By offering free mentoring and support, they are empowering MSMEs to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in the dynamic business landscape. Through initiatives like the 3M on Wheels program, Go Negosyo is making a significant contribution to the growth and development of the Philippine economy.

In conclusion, the 3M on Wheels program by Go Negosyo is a valuable opportunity for MSMEs to receive mentorship, access financing, and explore market solutions. With the support of top business executives and successful entrepreneurs, participants can gain the insights and guidance needed to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape. Go Negosyo’s dedication to fostering entrepreneurship among Filipinos is instrumental in driving economic growth and empowering individuals to create sustainable businesses.

Source: The Manila Times

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