Marcos and Sara Duterte’s Relationship Remains Unchanged

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. attends the Basic Education Report, which Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte delivered in Pasay City on Thursday, Jan. 25, 2024. PHOTOS BY RENE H. DILAN
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HANOI: President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. addressed the recent allegations made against him by Vice President Sara Duterte’s family, stating that his relationship with her remains unchanged. Despite the tirades, President Marcos emphasized that Vice President Duterte has not made any similar statements, and therefore, their relationship remains “exactly the same.”

During a roundtable with the media delegation at the conclusion of his two-day state visit in Hanoi, President Marcos clarified the status of his relationship with Vice President Duterte. He dismissed the allegations made by former leader Rodrigo Duterte, who accused him of being a drug addict. Additionally, Davao City Mayor Sebastian Duterte called for President Marcos’ resignation.

President Marcos affirmed, “She has not said anything similar in that sense, so nothing has changed.” He emphasized that he and Vice President Duterte still maintain good dynamics, indicating that their relationship is still vibrant. Furthermore, President Marcos expressed his continued trust and confidence in Vice President Duterte’s role as the Secretary of the Department of Education.

Addressing concerns about the future of UniTeam, President Marcos assured that the alliance is alive and well. He clarified that UniTeam represents the unification of all political forces in the Philippines, working together for the betterment of the country. UniTeam, led by Marcos and Duterte, played a crucial role in their landslide victories in the 2022 elections.

President Marcos’ remarks shed light on the current state of his relationship with Vice President Duterte amidst recent controversies. By addressing the allegations directly, he aims to clarify any misconceptions and maintain transparency with the public.

It is important to note that these recent developments have garnered international attention. To provide context for a global audience, it is crucial to understand the local laws, customs, and political landscape of the Philippines. The allegations made against President Marcos and the subsequent response from Vice President Duterte’s family have significant implications within the country’s political sphere.

President Marcos’ commitment to addressing these allegations head-on demonstrates his dedication to open communication and maintaining a strong working relationship with Vice President Duterte. By emphasizing that their relationship remains unchanged, he aims to assure the public of their continued collaboration for the betterment of the nation.

The affirmation of UniTeam’s existence and purpose further highlights President Marcos’ commitment to unity and collaboration within the political landscape of the Philippines. By unifying various political forces, UniTeam aims to harness collective efforts for the greater good of the country.

In conclusion, President Marcos Jr.’s recent statements shed light on the allegations made against him and his relationship with Vice President Duterte. By addressing these issues directly, he aims to maintain transparency and assure the public of their continued collaboration. The affirmation of UniTeam’s existence further emphasizes his dedication to unity within the political sphere. These developments have significant implications within the Philippines and are of international interest, highlighting the importance of understanding the local context.

Source: The Manila Times

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