More Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to Receive Unpaid Wages from Saudi Firms

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The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) announced on Friday that another batch of displaced overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Saudi Arabia would soon receive their unpaid wages and other benefits from bankrupt construction companies. This development marks a significant step forward in the ongoing efforts to address the plight of these OFWs.

Migrant Workers Officer in Charge, Hans Leo Cacdac, expressed optimism about the progress made in the distribution of claimants’ checks and the subsequent encashment, which will lead to the full payout of each OFW’s unpaid claims and other benefits. Cacdac emphasized that this is just the beginning of a deliberate process aimed at ensuring that all affected OFWs receive what they are owed.

According to the DMW, 400 checks will be distributed next month, bringing the total number of disbursed payments to 1,500. President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. also announced that payments have already commenced for 1,104 claimants since late January. In this initial phase, approximately 843 checks, amounting to close to P700 million, have been disbursed.

Cacdac reaffirmed the commitment of the DMW to work closely with their Saudi counterparts in resolving these issues. The department will continue to provide assistance to the affected OFWs and their families throughout the final stage of the process, ensuring that they receive their long overdue wages and benefits.

To facilitate the resolution of these claims, the DMW had previously submitted a list of 10,554 displaced OFW claimants with verified iqamas to the Saudi authorities in the third quarter of 2023. The iqama is an official government permit required for foreign nationals to live and work in Saudi Arabia.

The distribution of unpaid wages and benefits to displaced OFWs in Saudi Arabia is a significant undertaking that requires coordination between the DMW and the Saudi authorities. It is crucial for both parties to work together to ensure that the process is carried out efficiently and transparently.

The DMW’s efforts in addressing the concerns of displaced OFWs in Saudi Arabia highlight the government’s commitment to protecting the rights and welfare of Filipino workers abroad. By actively engaging with their Saudi counterparts and providing necessary support to the affected OFWs, the DMW aims to bring a resolution to this longstanding issue.

It is important to recognize the challenges faced by displaced OFWs, who have endured significant hardships due to the financial difficulties faced by their former employers. The timely distribution of unpaid wages and benefits will not only provide much-needed relief to these individuals and their families but also serve as a testament to the government’s dedication to safeguarding the rights of Filipino workers overseas.

In conclusion, the recent progress made by the DMW in distributing unpaid wages and benefits to displaced OFWs in Saudi Arabia is a positive step forward. The ongoing collaboration between the DMW and the Saudi authorities demonstrates a commitment to resolving these issues and ensuring that affected OFWs receive the compensation they rightfully deserve. This development brings hope to the displaced OFWs and their families, who have long awaited the resolution of their claims.

Source: The Manila Times

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