Illegal Abortion Ring Busted in Philippines, Vietnamese ‘Doctor’ Arrested

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Illegal Abortion and Unauthorized Procedures: Arrest of Foreign Doctor and Accomplices in Manila, Philippines

Recently, operatives of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) in Manila, Philippines, made a significant arrest involving a foreign doctor and four accomplices for their alleged involvement in illegal abortion and unauthorized procedures. The arrest took place at a wellness clinic along Macapagal Boulevard in Pasay City, following intelligence information about the group’s illicit operations.

Immigration Commissioner Norman Tangsingco announced the arrest of the five individuals, highlighting the collaborative effort between the BI, the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (PAOCC), and the Philippine National Police – Pasay City. This joint operation was a response to reports of illegal activities, including cosmetic enhancements and abortion, linked to the arrested individuals.

Identity and Arrest of the Suspects

The arrested individuals include a Vietnamese national who identified himself as Doctor Sang, later identified as Trinh Dinh Sang, aged 29. Additionally, two other Vietnamese nationals, Nguyen Duy Quynh, aged 67, and Pham Thi Nhu Hieu, aged 28, were apprehended, along with two Chinese men, Xie Jun, aged 36, and Zhai Jian Gang, aged 43.

The BI’s Immigration Intelligence Division, led by Chief Fortunato Manahan Jr., orchestrated a strategic operation where operatives posed as clients seeking cosmetic treatment. Upon confirming the presence of the illegal aliens, the arrest was promptly executed.

Alarming Case and Public Safety Concerns

Commissioner Tangsingco expressed alarm over the case, particularly emphasizing the danger posed by the suspects’ activities, which included performing unauthorized abortions and other cosmetic procedures not sanctioned by the Department of Health (DOH). He underscored the threat to public safety and extended gratitude for the cooperation of government partners in the successful apprehension of the illegal aliens.

As the legal process unfolds, Sang and his associates will remain in the immigration facility in Bicutan, Taguig, pending the resolution of the deportation case filed against them.

This case serves as a reminder of the critical role played by immigration authorities in safeguarding public welfare and upholding the law. The collaborative efforts between different government agencies demonstrate a commitment to addressing transnational crimes and protecting the well-being of individuals within the Philippines.

Grave Implications and Public Safety Concerns

According to Commissioner Tangsingco, the case is alarming due to the suspect’s reported involvement in performing illegal abortions and unauthorized cosmetic procedures. These activities are considered dangerous and pose a significant threat to public safety.

The Department of Health (DOH) in the Philippines closely regulates medical and cosmetic procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of the public. The arrest of this group highlights the importance of adherence to established health regulations and the need to address illegal practices that jeopardize the trust and well-being of the community.

Strengthening Immigration Enforcement and Collaboration

The successful arrest of the foreign doctor and his accomplices underscores the ongoing efforts by the Bureau of Immigration (BI) to combat illegal activities carried out by foreign nationals within the Philippines. The BI’s collaboration with other government agencies, such as the PAOCC and the Philippine National Police, demonstrates the commitment to maintaining the integrity of the country’s immigration systems and protecting its citizens.

Commissioner Tangsingco expressed gratitude for the cooperation of the BI’s partners, emphasizing the importance of such joint efforts in locating and apprehending individuals engaged in unlawful practices. This case serves as a testament to the BI’s vigilance and the effectiveness of its intelligence-driven operations in identifying and addressing threats to public safety.

Deportation Proceedings and Legal Consequences

As a result of the arrest, the foreign doctor and his cohorts will remain in the BI’s detention facility in Bicutan, Taguig, pending the resolution of the deportation case filed against them. The BI’s legal team will ensure that the necessary legal proceedings are carried out, leading to the potential deportation of the individuals involved.

The deportation process is a crucial step in upholding the integrity of the Philippines’ immigration laws and deterring foreign nationals from engaging in unlawful activities within the country. The BI’s commitment to pursuing legal action against those who violate immigration rules demonstrates its unwavering stance in protecting the country’s sovereignty and the well-being of its citizens.

Broader Implications and Ongoing Efforts

This case highlights the broader implications of illegal medical and cosmetic practices carried out by foreign nationals in the Philippines. Not only do such activities pose a direct threat to public health and safety, but they also undermine the country’s healthcare system and the trust of the local population.

The BI’s actions in this case exemplify the ongoing efforts to crackdown on illegal activities and ensure that the Philippines’ immigration and healthcare regulations are enforced effectively. By collaborating with other government agencies and taking decisive action, the BI aims to send a clear message that the country will not tolerate foreign nationals who disregard its laws and endanger the well-being of its citizens.

Importance of Public Awareness and Reporting

This incident also highlights the importance of public awareness and the role of the community in reporting suspicious activities. The BI’s success in this case was largely due to the intelligence information provided, which enabled the authorities to launch a targeted operation.

Moving forward, the BI encourages the public to remain vigilant and report any suspected illegal activities or the presence of unauthorized foreign nationals to the appropriate authorities. By fostering a culture of civic engagement and collective responsibility, the BI can continue to effectively identify and address threats to public safety and the integrity of the country’s immigration systems.


The arrest of the foreign doctor and his accomplices in Manila, Philippines, for their alleged involvement in illegal abortion and unauthorized procedures is a significant development in the ongoing efforts to maintain the country’s public health and safety standards. The collaborative efforts of the BI, PAOCC, and the Philippine National Police have demonstrated the government’s commitment to cracking down on such illicit activities and protecting the well-being of its citizens.

As the deportation case proceeds, the BI will continue to uphold the rule of law and ensure that foreign nationals who disregard the Philippines’ regulations face the necessary legal consequences. This case serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance, public awareness, and the vital role of the community in reporting any suspicious activities to the authorities.

By maintaining a strong and coordinated approach to addressing illegal medical and cosmetic practices, the Philippines can safeguard the health and trust of its people, while also preserving the integrity of its immigration systems and upholding its position as a safe and reliable destination for international visitors and residents alike.

Source: The Manila Times

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