Title: PNP Revokes Apollo Quiboloy’s Firearms Licenses and Pursues Legal Action

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The Revocation of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s Firearms Registration and License

The revocation of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s firearms registration and license to own and possess firearms is just the latest setback in a series of troubles that have plagued the embattled leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJC). This recent development highlights the growing concerns surrounding Quiboloy’s suitability to possess firearms, given the serious nature of the charges he is currently facing.

The Decision to Revoke Quiboloy’s Firearms Registration and License

The decision to revoke Quiboloy’s firearms registration and license was not made lightly. It was based on the recommendation of the Firearms and Explosives Office (FEO) and approved by the Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief General Rommel Francisco Marbil. The revocation is in accordance with Section 4g of the Republic Act (RA) 10591, which clearly states that individuals accused of crimes punishable by more than two years of imprisonment are prohibited from possessing firearms and having them registered.

Quiboloy’s Charges and the Revocation of His Firearms Registration

In Quiboloy’s case, the decision to revoke his firearms registration and license is directly linked to the three standing arrest warrants he currently faces for child and sexual abuse, as well as a human trafficking case. These charges are not to be taken lightly, as they highlight the serious allegations against him and raise significant concerns about his character and suitability to possess firearms.

Compliance and Consequences of the Revocation

To ensure compliance with the revocation, Quiboloy and his camp have been given a six-month period to surrender the firearms to the PNP. Failure to do so will result in the confiscation of the firearms, which will be considered unregistered and therefore illegal. It is important for Quiboloy and his supporters to understand the gravity of this situation, as anyone found in possession of firearms without proper registration could face charges of illegal possession of firearms.

International Ramifications and Legal Troubles

It is also crucial to note that Quiboloy’s legal troubles extend beyond the borders of the Philippines. In November 2021, he was indicted in the United States for conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking by force, fraud, and coercion, as well as sex trafficking of children. This has led to his inclusion on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s wanted list, further emphasizing the severity of the allegations against him and the urgent need for legal action.

Implications and Concerns

The revocation of Quiboloy’s firearms registration and license is just one more blow to his already tarnished reputation. It serves as a reminder that no one is above the law, regardless of their status or position. As the legal proceedings continue to unfold, it remains to be seen how Quiboloy and his supporters will respond to these setbacks and whether they will cooperate with the authorities in the surrender of the firearms. Moreover, the revocation of Quiboloy’s firearms registration and LTOPF has broader implications for the perception and reputation of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. As a religious organization, the KJC is expected to uphold moral values and promote a sense of righteousness among its members. However, the allegations against Quiboloy and the subsequent revocation of his firearms privileges may raise doubts and skepticism about the organization’s integrity.

Potential Misuse of Firearms and Wake-up Call

The revocation also raises concerns about the potential misuse of firearms within the KJC community. With Quiboloy’s firearms registration revoked, there is a possibility that other members of the organization may have access to firearms without proper documentation or training. This could pose a significant risk to both the members themselves and the general public, as the lack of regulation and oversight may lead to accidents or intentional harm.
Additionally, the revocation serves as a wake-up call for religious followers who idolize their leaders. It reminds them that even those in positions of authority are not immune to legal consequences and should not be blindly followed without question. This event may prompt KJC members to reevaluate their beliefs and examine the actions and teachings of their leader more critically.

Source: The Manila Times

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