Call for Philippine Universities to Improve Standards and Embrace Global Perspective

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Commission on Higher Education Urges Philippine Universities to Raise Standards

Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Chairman J. Prospero De Vera III has called on Philippine universities to elevate their standards in response to their declining positions in the recent Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings. Recognizing the need to adapt to global trends in education, De Vera emphasized the importance of internationalization and encouraged universities to look beyond their political boundaries and strive for global excellence.

Understanding the Importance of Internationalization

As the landscape of higher education becomes increasingly globalized, universities around the world are facing the challenge of staying competitive on an international scale. The Times Higher Education rankings serve as a valuable benchmark for universities to assess their performance and identify areas for improvement. In the case of Philippine universities, the recent decline in rankings highlights the need for a proactive approach to enhance their educational offerings and research capabilities.

The Impact on Philippine Universities

The recent rankings revealed that Ateneo de Manila University, one of the top Philippine universities, experienced a significant drop in its position. Previously ranked 84th in 2023, Ateneo now finds itself in the 401-500th place range. This decline is a cause for concern, not only for Ateneo but also for other prominent institutions such as De La Salle University, University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas, and Mapua University, which also experienced a decrease in their rankings.

Recognizing the Importance of Service to the Filipino People

Despite the emphasis on rankings, University of the Philippines (UP) President Angelo Jimenez emphasized that the ultimate measure of success for UP lies in its service to the Filipino people. While rankings can provide valuable insights and serve as a reference point for improvement, UP’s focus remains on its relevance and ability to respond to the needs of the nation. This commitment to serving the Filipino people sets UP apart and highlights the multifaceted nature of university success.

Commendation for Mabalacat City College

In the midst of the rankings discussion, Chairman De Vera took the opportunity to commend Mabalacat City College for receiving the prestigious Technical or Digital Innovation of the Year award from Times Higher Education. This recognition is a testament to the college’s dedication to innovation and its ability to outperform top universities in Asia, including the esteemed National University of Singapore.


The recent decline in rankings serves as a wake-up call for Philippine universities to reassess their standards and strive for excellence on a global scale. Internationalization, relevance to the local community, and a commitment to innovation are key factors that can contribute to their success. By embracing these principles and continuously improving their educational offerings, Philippine universities can position themselves as leaders in the global higher education landscape.

Source: The Manila Times

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