Liza Soberano Impresses Hollywood Director-Producer in Debut Film

BREAKING INTO HOLLYWOOD Liza Soberano (third from left) plays Taffy in the upcoming horror-comedy film ‘Lisa Frankenstein.’ PHOTO COURTESY OF UNIVERSAL PICTURES PH
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MANILA, Philippines: Liza Soberano, the talented actress known for her roles in Philippine television and film, is set to make her Hollywood debut in the upcoming horror-comedy film “Lisa Frankenstein.” As the film’s global premiere approaches, Soberano has already been receiving accolades for her performance.

Director and producer Joe Russo, not to be confused with the Marvel director, took to Twitter to express his admiration for Soberano’s portrayal in the movie. In his tweet, Russo mentioned that films like “Lisa Frankenstein” can serve as a platform to launch new stars, and he believes that Soberano has the potential to become one. He specifically commended her for stealing every scene she’s in as Lisa’s step-sister, Taffy.

Russo, whose profile reveals his involvement in writing and directing horror and thriller films such as “The Inheritance” and “The Au Pair Nightmare,” recognizes Soberano’s talent and the impact she brings to the screen.

“Lisa Frankenstein” tells the story of Lisa Swallows, played by Kathryn Newton, an awkward teenager who is trying to navigate a new school and a new life following her mother’s passing and her father’s hasty remarriage. Despite the support from her spirited cheerleader step-sister, Taffy, portrayed by Soberano, Lisa finds solace in an abandoned cemetery near her house. It is there that she tends to the grave of a young man who died in 1837, unknowingly reanimating his corpse. This unexpected turn of events leads Lisa on a quest to bring new life to her long-dead companion, played by Cole Sprouse.

Soberano’s director, Zelda Williams, has also praised the actress for her exceptional performance in the film. Williams, who is making her feature-length directorial debut with “Lisa Frankenstein,” revealed that she initially struggled to find the right person to play the role of Taffy. However, after meeting Soberano through mutual friends in Los Angeles, Williams knew she had found the perfect fit. Soberano’s ability to portray Taffy as an earnest, sweet, and loving character resonated with the entire production team, and she quickly became a favorite among the cast and crew.

Fans of Soberano have eagerly embraced the positive feedback, showing their support as she ventures into the world of Hollywood. Her most recent project in the Philippines, “Make It with You,” was cut short due to the pandemic and the challenges faced by her home network, ABS-CBN. In 2022, Soberano signed with James Reid’s talent agency, Careless, which has a partnership with American management company Transparent Arts. This move led her to relocate to Los Angeles, California, in pursuit of new opportunities.

“Lisa Frankenstein” is set to open in Philippine cinemas on February 7, two days before its global release on February 9. Audiences worldwide are eagerly anticipating Soberano’s Hollywood debut, and her performance in this horror-comedy is sure to captivate and entertain viewers.

As Liza Soberano takes her first steps into the international film industry, her talent and dedication continue to shine. With her Hollywood debut in “Lisa Frankenstein,” she is poised to make a lasting impression on audiences around the globe.

Source: The Manila Times

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