Limited Tropical Cyclone Activity in January, Fair Weather Continues

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MANILA, Philippines: According to the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa), the country is expected to have only one tropical cyclone in January. This information was announced by weather specialist Robert “Obet” Badrina, who also revealed that the cyclone will be named “Aghon,” marking the beginning of a new set of storm names for this year.

The list of storm names for 2024 includes Aghon, Butchoy, Carina, Dindo, Enteng, Ferdie, Gener, Helen, Igme, Julian, Kristine, Leon, Marce, Nika, Ofel, Pepito, Querubin, Romina, Siony, Tonyo, Upang, Vicky, Warren, Yoyong, and Zosimo. It is worth noting that Pagasa has decided to retire the names “Ambo,” “Quinta,” “Rolly,” and “Ulysses” due to the significant damage caused by these storms in 2020.

Pagasa Officer-in-Charge Nathaniel Servando explained that the agency retires the name of a storm if it results in 300 casualties or causes P1-billion worth of damage to agriculture and infrastructure. Additionally, Pagasa has prepared an auxiliary list of 10 other names that can be used in case there are more than 25 storms in a year. These names are Alakdan, Baldo, Clara, Dencio, Estong, Felipe, Gomer, Heling, Israel, and Julio.

Servando further mentioned that unless retired, storm names are reused every four years. This naming convention has been in place since 1960, as Pagasa has been using local names to warn the public about tropical cyclones.

In terms of weather conditions, Badrina stated that most parts of the country can expect fair weather until the weekend. However, there may be isolated rain showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon or at night due to the northeast monsoon, locally known as “amihan,” and easterlies.

It is important to note that the Philippines is prone to tropical cyclones, and the country’s weather agency plays a crucial role in monitoring and providing timely information to ensure the safety of its citizens. By naming storms and tracking their movements, Pagasa helps authorities and residents prepare and take necessary precautions.

As an archipelago, the Philippines is vulnerable to the impact of tropical cyclones, which can cause strong winds, heavy rainfall, storm surges, and landslides. These natural phenomena can result in significant damage to infrastructure, agriculture, and even loss of life. Therefore, the accurate prediction and tracking of cyclones are vital for disaster preparedness and response efforts.

Pagasa’s proactive approach in retiring storm names that have caused substantial damage demonstrates their commitment to continuously improve their forecasting and warning systems. By doing so, they ensure that the public remains informed and can take appropriate actions to mitigate the potential risks associated with these natural disasters.

In conclusion, the Philippines is anticipating only one tropical cyclone in January, named “Aghon.” Pagasa’s decision to retire certain storm names and introduce new ones reflects their dedication to public safety and disaster management. As the country continues to experience fair weather, it is important to remain vigilant and heed the advice and warnings provided by Pagasa to ensure the well-being of all residents.

Source: The Manila Times

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