Navotas City Hospital Expands Free Dialysis Services for Residents in Need

Photo from Official Facebook Fanpage of Navotas City Mayor John Rey Tiangco
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Navotas City Mayor John Rey Tiangco recently announced that the Navotas City Hospital (NCH) has taken significant steps to enhance its capacity to provide free dialysis treatment for underprivileged residents. The mayor proudly shared that the hospital has acquired eight new hemodialysis machines, increasing its capability to accommodate more patients.

Previously, the NCH could only offer 15 sessions per day for non-infectious patients. However, with the addition of these new machines, the hospital can now provide 21 sessions daily. Additionally, one machine has been exclusively allocated for patients with infectious diseases, ensuring their safety and preventing the spread of infections within the facility.

Mayor Tiangco emphasized the city’s commitment to delivering the best possible medical services to its residents. He highlighted the importance of maintaining top-notch equipment and facilities to ensure the provision of high-quality care. However, the mayor also stressed the significance of preventive care and encouraged Navoteños to prioritize their health to avoid lifestyle diseases and the need for extensive medical treatments.

Members of Philhealth, the national health insurance program in the Philippines, can avail themselves of up to 156 free hemodialysis sessions annually. In cases where patients reach this limit, the city government enrolls them in national and local medical assistance programs. These programs aim to alleviate the financial burden by providing support to cover the cost of P2,600 per session.

In addition to improving dialysis services, Mayor Tiangco has taken steps to enhance employment opportunities for the city’s youth. Through a partnership with the Navotas Polytechnic College and all senior high schools, the mayor established a Public Employment Service Office (PESO) help desk. This initiative aims to strengthen the delivery of employment services to students and recent graduates.

Mayor Tiangco has signed memorandums of agreement with city schools to ensure that the PESO Desks effectively guide, prepare, and equip Navoteño youth for their desired careers. By providing these resources, the city government aims to empower the younger generation, enabling them to make informed career choices and successfully transition into the workforce.

The efforts of Mayor Tiangco and the Navotas City government reflect their dedication to improving the lives of their constituents. By expanding dialysis services and establishing employment support systems, they are addressing critical healthcare needs and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. These initiatives demonstrate the city’s commitment to the welfare and well-being of its residents, particularly those who are economically disadvantaged.

In conclusion, the Navotas City Hospital’s expansion of dialysis services signifies a significant step towards improving healthcare accessibility for poor residents. The addition of new hemodialysis machines allows for an increased number of daily sessions, ensuring that more patients receive the necessary treatment. Furthermore, the establishment of PESO Desks in collaboration with educational institutions highlights the city’s commitment to supporting the career aspirations of its youth. Through these initiatives, Mayor Tiangco and the Navotas City government are making a positive impact on the lives of their constituents.

Source: The Manila Times

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