PhilHealth to Provide Free Mammogram and Ultrasound Services for Filipino Women

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PhilHealth to Provide Free Yearly Mammogram and Ultrasound Services

Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez announced on Tuesday that the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) will be offering free yearly mammogram and ultrasound services starting July 2024. This decision came after a meeting between Romualdez and PhilHealth officials on Monday.

Romualdez commended PhilHealth for their prompt response to the call for providing free mammogram and ultrasound examinations to women. This initiative demonstrates the administration’s commitment to prioritizing the health and well-being of Filipino women by ensuring access to essential preventive care.

“This is the best news we can give to Filipino women, especially during Women’s Month,” Romualdez added, emphasizing the significance of this development.

During the meeting with PhilHealth officials, Romualdez, along with House Deputy Majority Leader and ACT-CIS Party-list Rep. Erwin Tulfo, followed up on the House’s request for yearly free mammograms and ultrasounds. PhilHealth President and CEO Emmanuel Ledesma Jr. assured Romualdez that they would deliver on this request, expressing confidence in their ability to fulfill it.

The importance of early detection in addressing various health concerns cannot be overstated. By removing financial barriers to these essential services, PhilHealth is playing a crucial role in saving lives and promoting a healthier future for women in the Philippines.

Expanded Services for a Healthier Future

In line with the commitment to improving healthcare services, Health Secretary Teodoro Herbosa directed PhilHealth to expand its primary healthcare benefits under the nationwide Konsulta benefit package. This directive came in agreement with Speaker Romualdez and in accordance with President Marcos’ orders.

“I have directed the PhilHealth Benefits Committee to work on adding ultrasound and mammogram services in the current nationwide Konsulta benefit package for immediate implementation nationwide,” Herbosa stated, highlighting the urgency of this expansion.

As the chairman of the PhilHealth Board of Directors, Herbosa recognizes the importance of incorporating these services into the existing benefit package. By doing so, PhilHealth aims to ensure that women across the country have access to vital ultrasound and mammogram screenings.

This expansion of services aligns with the broader goal of providing comprehensive healthcare to all Filipinos. By incorporating mammograms and ultrasounds into the Konsulta benefit package, PhilHealth is taking a proactive approach to preventive care, emphasizing the significance of early detection in addressing health concerns.

Prioritizing Women’s Health

The decision to provide free yearly mammogram and ultrasound services reflects the government’s commitment to prioritizing women’s health. By making these essential screenings more accessible, PhilHealth is empowering women to take charge of their well-being and ensure early detection of any potential health issues.

Regular mammograms and ultrasounds are crucial in detecting breast cancer and other health conditions at an early stage when treatment is often more effective. By removing financial barriers, PhilHealth is not only saving lives but also promoting a culture of proactive healthcare among Filipino women.

This initiative comes at a time when the world celebrates Women’s Month, making it even more meaningful. It serves as a reminder of the government’s dedication to addressing the specific healthcare needs of women and promoting gender equality in healthcare access.

In conclusion, the announcement of free yearly mammogram and ultrasound services by PhilHealth is a significant step towards improving women’s healthcare in the Philippines. By expanding services and incorporating these screenings into the nationwide benefit package, PhilHealth is demonstrating its commitment to saving lives and promoting a healthier future for all Filipino women.

Source: The Manila Times

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