Embracing the Dragon Year: A Celebration of Endless Possibilities

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PRESIDENT Ferdinand Marcos Jr. invites Filipinos to reflect on the boundless possibilities symbolized by the dragon as the country celebrates the Chinese New Year on Saturday. In Chinese astrology, 2024 marks the year of the Wood Dragon, commencing on February 10 and concluding on January 28, 2025.

Within Chinese culture, the dragon is revered as an auspicious and extraordinary creature, unmatched in talent and significance. President Marcos emphasizes the occasion’s abundance of opportunities, as the nation pays homage to the dragon’s heritage – a timeless symbol of power, wisdom, and courage.

As lanterns illuminate the sky with vibrant colors and the rhythmic beats of drums fill the air, a new chapter unfolds before us. We revel in the joyous festivities and embrace the spirited heartbeat of the dragon’s realm, understanding that the Year of the Dragon opens doors to infinite possibilities.

President Marcos reminds us that dreams become reality through unwavering commitment and determination. As a diverse yet united community, let us immerse ourselves in the richness of our cultural identity and lay the foundation for a more peaceful, harmonious, and progressive Philippines. He extends his wishes for an auspicious and bountiful Chinese New Year to all.

Vice President Sara Duterte encourages Filipinos to embrace the energy of the dragon, a symbol of good fortune, abundance, strength, bravery, and triumph. She urges us to channel the remarkable qualities of the dragon to overcome obstacles and pursue our wildest dreams. As we celebrate the Lunar New Year, we have the opportunity to engage in timeless traditions passed down through generations.

With the spirited essence of the wood dragon, Vice President Duterte extends her wishes for boundless success in all aspects of life. She encourages us to embrace this fresh chapter with optimism and open hearts, ready to embrace the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco also extends her New Year greetings, highlighting the richness of Filipino Chinese heritage. She acknowledges the deep-rooted influence of Chinese culture in the fabric of Philippine heritage and traditions, creating a harmonious blend that is uniquely Filipino-Chinese.

Within the Philippines, the Chinese community has played an integral role in shaping our history and contributing to the diverse cultural landscape that defines our nation and its people. Secretary Frasco expresses gratitude for their significant contributions.

The residents of the Filipino-Chinese community in Binondo, Manila, eagerly anticipate a healthy and peaceful 2024. Elaine Chang Xiao Wei, president of the Fooking Merchant Benevolent Association Inc., expresses gratitude to the city government of Manila and the Manila Chinatown Development Council for their support. Health and prosperity are their primary focus for the year ahead.

Samuel Uy, a member of the Chinese Filipino Business Club Inc., maintains a positive outlook, emphasizing the importance of contributing to the community. The organization actively engages in benevolent projects, particularly focused on assisting the youth. Uy believes that harmony should be aspired to, not just within families but also within the country and among Asian neighbors.

Simultaneously, as we celebrate the Chinese New Year, the Binondo Chinatown commemorates its 430th anniversary, signifying the enduring presence and influence of the Filipino-Chinese community in the Philippines.

As we enter the Year of the Wood Dragon, let us embrace the limitless potential it represents. May we seize the opportunities that lie before us and embark on a journey of prosperity, harmony, and progress. Happy Chinese New Year!

Source: The Manila Times

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