Chinese Embassy Urges Philippine Ambassador to Halt “China Threat” Remarks

Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose Manuel Romualdez. PHOTO BY J. GERARD SEGUIA
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The Chinese Embassy in Manila has recently called on Philippine Ambassador to the United States, Jose Manuel Romualdez, to refrain from spreading false information about the “China threat” and “sinophobia.” Romualdez had previously stated that the real point of contention in the region lies in the West Philippine Sea (WPS) rather than the Taiwan Strait, as skirmishes in the area have caused concern for President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

During a meeting of the Consular Corps of the Philippines on February 28, Romualdez also mentioned that a scheduled $1.7 trillion US investment in Manila would serve as a countermeasure against any potential economic coercion from China. However, the Chinese Embassy expressed its disappointment, accusing Romualdez of using the South China Sea issue to fuel baseless accusations and launch a smear campaign against China.

The embassy posed several questions, asking who is responsible for stirring up the situation in the South China Sea, spreading the notion of a “China threat,” and forming small alliances. They also questioned the origin of the concept of “economic coercion” and who weaponizes economic power and resorts to sanctions. The embassy emphasized that these questions are self-explanatory.

In response to Romualdez’s remarks, the Chinese Embassy urged him to stop disseminating false information about the “China threat” and “sinophobia.” They advised him to refrain from acting as a mouthpiece for another country and instead focus on serving the interests of his own people and improving relations between his country and China.

The embassy highlighted the fact that China is the Philippines’ largest trading partner and a significant source of investment. They emphasized that the economic and trade cooperation between China and the Philippines has brought substantial benefits to both nations. Furthermore, China has consistently demonstrated its commitment to resolving the South China Sea disputes through dialogue and consultation, while also safeguarding its territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests.

The embassy emphasized that peace and development are the prevailing trends of the times and the shared aspirations of countries in the region. They pointed out that Asian countries possess the wisdom and capability to address their own problems. The embassy cautioned against involving external forces and forming exclusive alliances, stating that such actions would only complicate the regional situation, undermine peace and stability, and ultimately harm their own security.

It is crucial to promote accurate information and foster understanding between nations to avoid the escalation of tensions. Open dialogue and cooperation are essential for resolving disputes and maintaining regional stability. As international observers, it is important to consider the perspectives of all parties involved and encourage peaceful resolutions based on international law and diplomatic negotiations.

In conclusion, the Chinese Embassy in Manila has urged Philippine Ambassador Jose Manuel Romualdez to refrain from spreading misinformation about the “China threat” and “sinophobia.” They emphasized the importance of accurate information, dialogue, and cooperation in resolving disputes and maintaining peace and stability in the region.

Source: The Manila Times

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