Commission on Appointments (CA) to Scrutinize Secretary Hans Leo Cacdac and Other Presidential Appointees

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The Commission on Appointments to Grill Migrant Workers Secretary and Other Presidential Appointees

The Commission on Appointments (CA) is set to scrutinize the appointment of Migrant Workers Secretary Hans Leo Cacdac and 25 other presidential appointees this month, according to Surigao del Sur Representative Johnny Pimentel. Pimentel, who serves as the CA Assistant Minority Leader, revealed that they have received Secretary Cacdac’s appointment papers from Malacañang, along with the promotion papers of eight military generals and 17 career diplomats.

Secretary Cacdac’s Appointment and Previous Role

On April 25, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. appointed Hans Leo Cacdac as the Secretary of the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW). Prior to this appointment, Cacdac had served as the DMW Officer in Charge for seven months. This upcoming vetting process by the CA is expected to take place before Congress adjourns on May 25.

Public Input Encouraged

Representative Pimentel urged the public to contribute to the vetting process by sending any relevant information, written reports, complaints, or oppositions regarding the appointees to the CA Secretariat. This call for public input emphasizes the importance of transparency and accountability in the appointment of government officials.

Past Bypass of an Army Colonel’s Promotion

In a previous instance, the CA bypassed the promotion of an army colonel due to strong opposition from his estranged wife. The grounds for her opposition included allegations of physical abuse, adultery, and neglect in providing financial support to their children. This case highlights the CA’s commitment to thoroughly evaluate appointees and consider any concerns raised by the public.

Composition and Role of the Commission on Appointments

The Commission on Appointments is composed of 12 members each from the House of Representatives and the Senate, with the Senate President serving as the ex-officio presiding officer. Its primary responsibility is to confirm or reject appointments made by the President of the Philippines. By conducting thorough vetting processes, the CA ensures that appointees are qualified and capable of fulfilling their roles effectively.

Military Generals Awaiting Confirmation

Among the appointees awaiting confirmation are several military generals. These include Lieutenant General Fernando Reyeg, who serves as the Armed Forces Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations; Major General Pablo Rustria Jr., the Commander of Air Installation and Base Development Command in the Air Force; Brigadier General Genaro Menor, the Deputy Wing Commander of Tactical Operations Wing Eastern Mindanao in the Air Force; Brigadier General Gregorio Hernandez Jr., the Commander of Combat Support Brigade in the Marine Corps; and Brigadier General Romulus Joseph Canieso, the Chief of the Unified Command Staff of the Northern Luzon Command. Additionally, Commodores Felipe Bautista, Diosdado Caluya Jr., and Vincent Sibala are also awaiting confirmation.

Career Diplomats Awaiting Confirmation

In addition to the military generals, there is also a new batch of career diplomats awaiting their confirmation hearings. Notable among them are Ambassadors Paul Raymond Cortes and Celeste Vinzon-Balatbat, both of whom have been promoted to the rank of Chief of Mission 1. Ambassador Cortes currently serves as the Philippine Ambassador to Portugal, while Ambassador Vinzon-Balatbat represents the country in Chile.

By subjecting these appointees to the vetting process, the Commission on Appointments ensures that the individuals chosen to serve in key positions within the government are qualified and capable of fulfilling their duties. The public’s input and scrutiny play a vital role in maintaining transparency and accountability in the appointment process.

Source: The Manila Times

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