Enhancing Cooperation: Philippines and Czech Republic Sign Joint Communiqué on OFW Protection

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Enhancing Cooperation for the Protection of Filipino Workers in the Czech Republic

Prague: The Philippines and the Czech Republic have taken a significant step towards ensuring the safe and orderly migration of Filipino workers and protecting their rights and welfare. In a joint communiqué signed on Thursday, the two countries have elevated their cooperation in this crucial area.

During a joint press conference at the Prague Castle, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. announced the signing of the joint communiqué alongside President Petr Pavel. This milestone agreement establishes a labor consultation mechanism between the Philippine Department of Migrant Workers and the Czech Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

One noteworthy development highlighted by President Marcos is the Czech Republic’s decision to increase its quota for Filipino workers. Starting from May 2024, the annual quota will rise from 5,500 to 10,300. This expansion reflects the growing recognition of the valuable contributions made by Filipino workers in various sectors of the Czech economy.

As of December 31, 2023, the estimated number of Filipinos residing in the Czech Republic stands at 7,026, according to data from the Czech Ministry of Interior. These individuals are employed in diverse fields such as the processing industry, automotive, appliance repairs, manufacturing, information technology, communications, real estate, health and wellness, as well as household service work.

Strengthening Diplomatic and Trade Relations

The Philippines and the Czech Republic have enjoyed formal diplomatic relations since October 5, 1973. Over the years, the two countries have fostered a robust partnership, not only in the realm of labor cooperation but also in trade.

In terms of trade, the Czech Republic ranks as the Philippines’ 39th trading partner, 28th export market, and 47th import supplier. The total bilateral trade between the two nations amounted to $303.21 million last year. This economic collaboration demonstrates the mutual benefits derived from the exchange of goods and services.

Looking Ahead

The signing of the joint communiqué between the Philippines and the Czech Republic marks a significant milestone in their shared commitment to safeguarding the rights and welfare of Filipino workers. By establishing a labor consultation mechanism, both countries can work together more effectively to address the needs and concerns of Filipino workers in the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, the increase in the annual quota for Filipino workers reflects the Czech Republic’s recognition of their valuable contributions to the country’s economy. This expansion provides opportunities for more Filipinos to pursue employment and improve their livelihoods.

As the Philippines and the Czech Republic continue to strengthen their diplomatic and trade relations, both nations can look forward to further collaboration and cooperation in various areas of mutual interest. This partnership serves as a testament to the enduring friendship between the Filipino and Czech people.

Overall, the joint communiqué signifies a shared commitment to upholding the rights and welfare of Filipino workers and fostering a more prosperous future for both nations.

Source: The Manila Times

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