Enhancing Maritime Cooperation Between the Philippines and India

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. acknowledged the support of the Indian government in upholding Philippine sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea, considering it as “an important development” for the Filipino people. Photo from Presidential Communications Office
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Safety and Security

In response to President Marcos’s concerns, Minister Jaishankar highlighted India’s commitment to maritime security and the well-being of seafarers. He mentioned that India had been actively involved in various initiatives to combat piracy and ensure the safety of vessels in the region. The Indian Navy, in particular, had been conducting regular patrols and providing escort services to merchant ships in the Gulf of Aden. Minister Jaishankar expressed India’s willingness to share its expertise and best practices with the Philippines to enhance the capabilities of their maritime forces.

International Cooperation

Furthermore, Minister Jaishankar emphasized the importance of international cooperation in addressing the root causes of maritime security threats. He mentioned that India had been working closely with other countries and international organizations to promote stability and security in the Indian Ocean region. This included initiatives to strengthen maritime domain awareness, enhance information sharing, and build capacity among littoral states.

Deepening Partnership and Cooperation

President Marcos welcomed India’s commitment to maritime security and expressed his desire to deepen the partnership between the Philippines and India in this area. He proposed the establishment of regular bilateral dialogues and joint exercises to enhance coordination and cooperation. President Marcos also highlighted the need for training programs and capacity-building initiatives to equip seafarers with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate through challenging situations.

Role of Maritime Sector in Economic Development

Both leaders agreed that the maritime sector played a crucial role in the economic development of their countries. They recognized the importance of ensuring a conducive environment for trade and commerce, which required a safe and secure maritime domain. President Marcos and Minister Jaishankar discussed the potential for collaboration in areas such as maritime infrastructure development, port management, and maritime trade facilitation. They also explored the possibility of establishing direct shipping routes between the Philippines and India to further enhance bilateral trade and connectivity.

Source: The Manila Times

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