Filipinos’ Top Concern: Controlling Inflation

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In a recent survey conducted by OCTA Research, it has been revealed that more than seven out of 10 Filipinos consider controlling inflation as their top national concern. The survey, known as the Tugon ng Masa, was conducted from December 10-14, 2023, and gathered insights from 1,200 respondents across the country.

According to the survey results, a significant 73 percent of those polled expressed their urgent need for controlling the prices of basic goods and services. This concern resonates strongly with Filipinos, as they strive to manage their household budgets amidst rising costs.

Following closely behind, 45 percent of respondents emphasized the importance of access to affordable food, such as rice, vegetables, and meat. Recognizing the essential role that food plays in their daily lives, Filipinos prioritize the availability and affordability of these staple items.

Creating jobs emerged as another key concern, with 36 percent of respondents highlighting the need for more employment opportunities. This reflects the desire for economic stability and prosperity, as Filipinos seek avenues to improve their livelihoods and provide for their families.

Additionally, 34 percent of those surveyed expressed the need for increasing salaries of workers, recognizing the importance of fair compensation for their labor. This sentiment aligns with the aspiration for better living standards and financial security.

Reducing poverty was also a pressing concern, with 32 percent of respondents emphasizing the need for effective measures to uplift marginalized communities. This highlights the desire for a more inclusive society, where every Filipino has equal access to opportunities and resources.

The survey also shed light on other priority issues that received above 10 percent ratings. These include providing free and quality education, fighting graft and corruption in government, and promoting peace and order. These concerns reflect the multifaceted challenges that the Filipino population faces, encompassing social, political, and security aspects.

On the other hand, the survey revealed that controlling the spread of the Covid-19 virus, controlling population growth, changing the Constitution, lowering electricity prices, and combating illegal drugs were considered less urgent concerns among those surveyed. This suggests that while these issues are still important, they may not be at the forefront of the public’s immediate priorities.

It is worth noting that controlling inflation emerged as the top concern across different regions, with Mindanao recording the highest percentage at 85 percent. This indicates the widespread impact of rising prices on Filipinos nationwide. Furthermore, among socioeconomic class E, which represents the lowest income bracket, 81 percent considered controlling inflation as their primary concern. This highlights the disproportionate burden faced by the most economically vulnerable segments of society.

The Tugon ng Masa survey had a margin of error of plus or minus three percent, ensuring a reliable representation of the sentiments of the Filipino population. By understanding these concerns, policymakers and stakeholders can better address the pressing issues that matter most to the people they serve.

In conclusion, the survey results clearly demonstrate that controlling inflation is the top national concern for Filipinos. It underscores the importance of addressing rising prices and ensuring the availability of affordable goods and services. By prioritizing these concerns, policymakers can work towards fostering economic stability, reducing poverty, and improving the overall well-being of the Filipino population.

Source: The Manila Times

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