Lawmakers Urged to Show Sobriety in Cha-cha Debates

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Bocaue Vice Mayor Sherwin Tugna has called on lawmakers to exhibit sobriety and political maturity amidst the ongoing dispute between the Senate and the House of Representatives over Charter change. As a former three-term representative of the Citizens’ Battle Against Corruption, Tugna expressed his concern over the escalating name-calling and petty disputes, particularly targeting Senate Majority Leader Joel Villanueva.

Tugna emphasized that Villanueva was simply upholding the integrity and independence of the institution he represents. However, he lamented that the exchanges between the two houses of the legislature have reached a point where there are insinuations that reelectionist senators in the 2025 midterm elections may not receive the support of district and party-list congressmen.

“The deliberations of our Constitution demand respect and cooperation from both houses of Congress, as taxpayer money is being spent on these proceedings,” Tugna remarked. It is essential for lawmakers to prioritize the interests of the Filipino people and conduct themselves with dignity during these debates.

Villanueva, in response to House Majority Leader Manuel Jose Dalipe’s challenge for senators to take a stance on Charter change, emphasized the need for thorough discussions on the proposed amendments to the constitution. Tugna echoed this sentiment, urging public servants to demonstrate sobriety and political maturity in light of the ongoing discussions surrounding charter change.

“I join the public in calling upon both houses of the legislature to conduct themselves with dignity, fostering debates on the merits and implications of charter change solely for the benefit of the Filipinos,” Tugna asserted. He further emphasized the importance of setting aside personal agendas and partisan interests, and instead focusing on policies that genuinely benefit the nation.

In the midst of this contentious debate, it is crucial for lawmakers to approach the issue of Charter change with a sense of responsibility and respect. The Filipino people expect their elected officials to engage in constructive and meaningful discussions that prioritize the welfare of the nation.

Furthermore, Tugna’s call for sobriety and political maturity is not only relevant within the context of the ongoing dispute between the Senate and the House of Representatives, but also resonates with the international audience. The need for respectful and cooperative deliberations is a universal principle that transcends borders and cultures.

Lawmakers in any country should prioritize the interests of their constituents and conduct themselves with dignity during debates and discussions. It is through this approach that meaningful progress can be achieved, and policies can be implemented for the betterment of society.

In conclusion, Vice Mayor Tugna’s appeal for sobriety and political maturity serves as a reminder to lawmakers to rise above personal conflicts and focus on the task at hand. The ongoing debate on Charter change requires a thoughtful and respectful approach, with the ultimate goal of serving the best interests of the Filipino people. By conducting themselves with dignity and fostering meaningful debates, lawmakers can ensure that taxpayer money is well-spent and that the nation’s future is safeguarded.

Source: The Manila Times

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