LTO Chief in Calabarzon Faces Multiple Complaints for Alleged Extortion

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Complaints Filed Against Chief of Land Transportation Office in Calabarzon

In recent news, the Office of the President in Manila, Philippines has received several complaints against the Chief of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Calabarzon. These complaints, filed by various individuals and organizations, allege instances of extortion by the LTO officials.

Allegations of Extortion and Payola

One of the complainants, Alfredo Sansoles, the chairman of Mamatid-Alabang Festival Transport Service Cooperative, claims that they were extorted by the LTO Region 4A Regional Director, Cupido Gerry Asuncion. Sansoles stated that Aguido Terena, believed to be an associate of Asuncion, contacted him demanding a monthly payment of P10,000 as “payola” for their terminal in Barangay Mamatid, Cabuyao City.

Another complaint was filed by Mark Patrick Patteño, who operates a terminal in Cavite. Patteño accused Asuncion’s camp of demanding a monthly payment of P1,000 as payola.

Michelle Sapangila, a commuter with a route from Manila to Tacloban City, also came forward with a complaint. Sapangila alleged that the LTO Region 4A increased their payola to P30,000 per unit every two months.

Arturo Dominguez, the president of vans traveling from Cavite to Lawton, submitted a complaint regarding the alleged extortion by Asuncion’s associates. They were reportedly demanding P1,000 payola per van every week.

Federico Callejas of Celyrosa Transport, Henry Cayao of Lorna Express, Francis Caballero of Floralde Liner, and Teddy Lising, the chairman of Cavite Batangas Transport Service Cooperative, also lodged complaints. These individuals claimed that Asuncion’s office asked for P25,000 per month.

Coercion and Fabricated Violations

In their complaints, the drivers and operators with routes such as Naic-PITX, Tagaytay-PITX, Indang-PITX, Alfonso-PITX, and Mendez-PITX disclosed that whenever a member of their group was apprehended, they were forced to pay P50,000 to speak with Cupido. They further alleged that LTO enforcers fabricated violations against their buses if they refused to comply with Asuncion’s demands.

Appeal for Action

The complainants expressed their concerns about the difficulties faced by bus operators and drivers due to the alleged extortion activities of Asuncion. They implored President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to take action against the officials of LTO Region 4A and replace Asuncion with an honest official who genuinely cares for the welfare of the public.

Attached below is a copy of the complaint submitted to President Marcos.

Source: The Manila Times

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