Malabon City’s Housing Strategies: Reducing Poverty and Promoting Resilience and Equity

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A Key Official in Malabon City Shares Strategies for Reducing Poverty at International Conference

During the International Conference on Urban Affairs (ICUA) held in New York, City Administrator Alexander Rosete highlighted the success of local government housing programs in reducing poverty. He emphasized that these strategies also promote resilience, equity, and improve the lives of residents.

The ICUA, which took place this week, brought together urban-focused researchers, planners, and policy advocates from various countries. The conference aimed to examine strategies to make cities more equitable and resilient in the post-pandemic era, as Rosete explained.

As a former director and chief administrative officer of the City of Manila’s Urban Settlements Office, Rosete was the only Filipino presenter at the conference. He shared studies, evaluations, and recommendations for the better implementation of Manila’s “Land for the Landless Housing Services Program (LLP) after 40 years: Basis for Intervention on Development Plan.” This program plays a crucial role in eradicating poverty in the country’s capital.

The LLP aims to provide assistance to tenants/occupants of lands, landed estates, and haciendas, enabling them to acquire the lands where their houses are built. The program also ensures that these areas are safe, secure, and healthy for the residents.

Rosete also discussed the housing and relocation programs implemented in Malabon City. He highlighted the creation of a dedicated department focused on implementing projects that provide safer and better homes for the residents.

During his presentation, Rosete shared the recommendations made by both Manila and Malabon City for the continuation of the program’s implementation. These recommendations include ensuring the efficiency of collection to ensure that beneficiaries can pay for their purchased lands and other charges. Additionally, the integration of livelihood opportunities such as the “cash 4 work” program in the LLP was emphasized.

Other recommendations put forward by Rosete include the implementation of a monitoring and evaluation plan that focuses on the effectiveness, efficiency, and impact of the program. He also stressed the importance of integrating multi-stream management for effective project management within the LLP.

“With effective programs and other innovations, the residents of Manila and Malabon will have adequate shelters or homes. With the recommendations made, we will be able to align our goals for housing with the needs of the residents,” Rosete stated confidently during his presentation.

It is worth noting that Rosete’s expertise and insights have been recognized in various international conferences. In April, he attended the Housing Studies Association Annual Conference 2024 in Manchester, United Kingdom. Once again, he served as the only Filipino presenter, discussing strategies to promote health through the implementation of housing initiatives.

In February 2024, Rosete also had the opportunity to share the best practices of the local government of Malabon in implementing housing and urban development programs. He presented at the 2024 Joint Australian Housing Research Conference and the Asia-Pacific Network for Housing Research – 13th Australian Housing Researchers’ Conference. The event was held at the University of South Australia – City West Campus, City of Adelaide, and brought together researchers and policymakers from around the world.

Alexander Rosete’s participation in these international conferences highlights the importance of sharing knowledge and experiences across borders. By contextualizing local strategies within the global discourse on urban development, Rosete and other experts contribute to the collective effort of creating more equitable and resilient cities worldwide.

Source: The Manila Times

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