Marcos and Sara Extend New Year Wishes of Solidarity and Hope

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In his New Year’s message, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. urged Filipinos to embrace the spirit of solidarity through acts of kindness and compassion as they welcomed the New Year. He emphasized the importance of bidding farewell to the challenges and triumphs of the past year and embracing the opportunities and hope that come with a fresh start.

Reflecting on the accomplishments of the previous year, President Marcos Jr. encouraged Filipinos to move forward with the lessons they have learned and reinforce the unity they have forged as a people. He called upon every Filipino, regardless of their location in the world, to contribute to the future of their beloved motherland with great optimism.

The President emphasized the significance of embodying the spirit of solidarity through acts of kindness, volunteerism, and compassion. He highlighted the fact that each individual has the power to be a catalyst for meaningful social transformation in the country.

Expressing his delight in welcoming the New Year, President Marcos Jr. committed to strengthening bonds and charting a new roadmap for the future. He envisioned a revitalized Philippines, a “Bagong Pilipinas,” guiding every endeavor towards peace, progress, and prosperity for all.

Vice President Sara Duterte also extended her wishes for a renewed hope and strength for Filipinos in the year 2024. She emphasized the importance of unity and working hard for a better life for every Filipino. With her whole family, she prayed for a peaceful, safe, and happy celebration in welcoming the New Year.

Reflecting on the year 2023, Vice President Duterte described it as a colorful year filled with stories of victory, trial, and hope. She emphasized the clear vision of delivering faithful service and the determination to strive for peace and prosperity for every Filipino family. Despite the challenges that may arise, she expressed the unwavering commitment to not give up.

In conclusion, President Marcos Jr. and Vice President Duterte’s messages for the New Year highlight the importance of unity, solidarity, and kindness in building a better future for the Philippines. They encourage every Filipino, both within the country and abroad, to contribute to the nation’s progress with optimism and determination. With renewed hope and strength, Filipinos are poised to face the challenges of the coming year and work towards a revitalized Philippines that brings peace, progress, and prosperity for all.

Source: The Manila Times

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