Marcos Denies Quiboloy’s Assassination Claim Amidst Ongoing Investigations

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MANILA, Philippines: President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. dismissed the claims made by Kingdom of Jesus Christ leader Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, stating that there is no plot to assassinate him. Quiboloy had alleged that President Marcos and First Lady Marie Louise “Liza” Araneta-Marcos were conspiring with the United States against him. However, President Marcos laughed off these allegations, emphasizing that there is no reason for anyone to want Quiboloy dead.

The Senate is currently investigating allegations of sexual abuse by Quiboloy and other leaders of his group towards their members. Simultaneously, the House of Representatives is conducting an investigation into the alleged violations of Quiboloy’s television network, Sonshine Media Network International. Furthermore, Quiboloy is facing criminal charges in the United States.

President Marcos urged Quiboloy to participate in the congressional inquiries to address and refute the allegations against him. He emphasized that Quiboloy has the opportunity to present his side of the story during the hearings in both the House and the Senate. The President warned that if Quiboloy continues to evade the hearings, the situation will only worsen, and he could be held in contempt.

President Marcos expressed his belief in fairness and stated that they are providing Quiboloy with the opportunity and platform to present his case. He encouraged Quiboloy to take advantage of this opportunity and testify before the committees in the House and the Senate. By doing so, Quiboloy can defuse the situation and address the allegations against him.

Quiboloy had previously accused President Marcos and the First Lady of colluding with US authorities. He claimed that he is wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for charges related to human trafficking, sexual assault, and bulk cash smuggling. A federal grand jury in Santa Ana, California, has indicted Quiboloy on charges of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking by force, fraud, and coercion, as well as sex trafficking of children.

A federal warrant for Quiboloy’s arrest was issued on November 10, 2021. Despite these serious allegations and legal actions, President Marcos emphasized that there is no motive for anyone to assassinate Quiboloy and urged him to address the accusations through the appropriate legal channels.

It remains to be seen how Quiboloy will respond to President Marcos’ statements and whether he will choose to participate in the congressional hearings. The investigations and legal proceedings will likely shed further light on the allegations against Quiboloy and his group, as well as their implications both domestically and internationally.

Source: The Manila Times

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