Marcos: No Grudge vs Ex-President Duterte

Former president Rodrigo Duterte talks to the crowd at the SMNI prayer rally in Manila, Tuesday evening, March 12, 2024. PHOTO BY J. GERARD SEGUIA
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President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Maintains a Positive Outlook Towards Former President Rodrigo Duterte

In a recent interview with the Philippine media delegation in Berlin, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. expressed his lack of resentment towards former President Rodrigo Duterte, despite the latter’s recent criticisms. Marcos emphasized his ability to separate personal issues from his work, highlighting his professionalism and commitment to his role as president.

When asked about his relationship with Duterte, Marcos stated, “I don’t make it personal. For me, it’s not easy, but I can separate work and personal life. So, I don’t see a problem there.” This statement showcases Marcos’ ability to prioritize the responsibilities of his position and maintain a respectful attitude towards his predecessor.

Furthermore, President Marcos Jr. extended his birthday greetings to Duterte, who will be turning 79 years old on March 28. He emphasized the Filipino tradition of respecting important occasions and expressed well wishes for the former president. This gesture highlights the cultural values of the Filipino people and the importance of maintaining cordial relationships, regardless of political differences.

Duterte’s Criticisms and Marcos’ Response

During a recent vigil in support of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, Duterte criticized the initiatives for charter change undertaken by the Marcos administration. He also questioned Marcos’ foreign travels, referring to them as mere sightseeing trips. However, President Marcos Jr. swiftly responded to these criticisms, clarifying his busy schedule and emphasizing the purpose of his visits.

President Marcos Jr. presented his schedule to refute Duterte’s claims, stating, “Where is the sightseeing there? This is my schedule for today. Where’s the pasyal (sightseeing)? There’s none.” He further explained that his packed schedule leaves no room for leisure activities, even in places he is familiar with. This response showcases Marcos’ dedication to his duties and his commitment to maximizing his time for productive endeavors.

Investment Pledges and International Engagements

During his visit to Germany, President Marcos Jr. successfully secured investment pledges amounting to $4 billion or approximately P220 billion. These pledges were covered by eight different types of agreements, including three letters of intent (LOI), two memoranda of agreement, and three memoranda of understanding (MOU). These agreements span various sectors, highlighting the potential for economic growth and cooperation between the Philippines and Germany.

Since assuming the presidency in June 2022, President Marcos Jr. has embarked on 19 international trips. These engagements demonstrate his commitment to strengthening international relations and exploring opportunities for collaboration and investment. By engaging with foreign leaders and investors, Marcos aims to foster economic growth and development for the benefit of the Filipino people.

President Marcos Jr. also expressed his confusion regarding Duterte’s conflicting remarks about charter change (cha-cha). He highlighted that just last month, the former president expressed support for amending the economic restrictions in the constitution. This contradiction raises questions about Duterte’s stance on the matter and adds to the complexity of the ongoing discussions surrounding charter change in the Philippines.

In conclusion, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. maintains a positive outlook towards former President Rodrigo Duterte, emphasizing his ability to separate personal matters from his work. Despite recent criticisms, Marcos remains professional and respectful, extending birthday greetings to Duterte and highlighting the importance of important occasions. He also addresses criticisms regarding his foreign travels and presents evidence of his busy schedule. Furthermore, Marcos’ successful investment pledges and international engagements demonstrate his commitment to economic growth and collaboration. The conflicting remarks from Duterte regarding charter change add to the complexity of the ongoing discussions in the Philippines.

Source: The Manila Times

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