Marcos Stands Firm on Retaining Sara Duterte as Education Secretary

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President Marcos Jr. Defends Vice President Duterte’s Qualifications

Moreover, President Marcos Jr. emphasized that Vice President Duterte’s qualifications and experience make her an ideal candidate for the position of Education Secretary. He highlighted her strong leadership skills, dedication to public service, and her deep understanding of the educational system in the country. The president also pointed out that Vice President Duterte has been actively involved in various education initiatives and has shown a genuine commitment to improving the quality of education for all Filipino students.

Importance of a Harmonious Working Relationship

President Marcos Jr. further elaborated on the importance of maintaining a harmonious working relationship with Vice President Duterte. He acknowledged that disagreements and conflicts may arise in any working environment, but stressed the need to address these issues through open and respectful dialogue. The president emphasized that he values Vice President Duterte’s contributions to his administration and believes in her ability to effectively carry out her responsibilities as Education Secretary.

Transparency and Accountability

In response to concerns raised by some individuals regarding the potential conflict of interest that may arise from Vice President Duterte’s appointment, President Marcos Jr. assured the public that all necessary measures would be taken to ensure transparency and accountability. He stated that Vice President Duterte would be required to uphold the highest ethical standards and to prioritize the interests of the Filipino people above all else. The president also emphasized the importance of a merit-based appointment process, ensuring that qualified individuals are selected for key positions in his administration.

Commitment to Education and the Filipino People

Furthermore, President Marcos Jr. expressed his gratitude for the support and trust that the Filipino people have placed in his leadership. He reiterated his commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises, particularly in the field of education. The president outlined his vision for a comprehensive and inclusive educational system that provides equal opportunities for all students, regardless of their socio-economic background or geographical location.

Source: The Manila Times

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