Marcos: Strengthening Philippines’ Relations with Australia

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the first Philippine president to address the Australian Parliament, emphasizes the longstanding friendship and shared goals between the two nations. In his speech, the President highlighted ties dating back to the 1800s and collaboration during World War II. He stressed the importance of the Strategic Partnership amid current geopolitical and climate challenges, expressing confidence in the future of the Philippines-Australia partnership, grounded in common values and a spirit of unity. PRESIDENTIAL COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE PHOTOS
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PRESIDENT Ferdinand Marcos Jr. described his recent two-day visit to Canberra as a “significant step” in enhancing the Philippines’ relations with Australia, which he referred to as “one of our closest friends.” This visit comes at a crucial time, given the complexities of global geopolitics.

Upon his return from the state visit, Marcos expressed confidence that the ties between the Philippines and Australia will continue to thrive as both countries work together to maximize the benefits and potentials of their newly established Strategic Partnership.

“Australia remains, and will continue to be, one of our closest friends. In the spirit of bayanihan (teamwork) and mateship, we shall forge ahead in fully maximizing the potentials and the gains from this Strategic Partnership between our two forward-looking, law-abiding maritime states,” Marcos emphasized.

The Philippines upgraded its bilateral relationship with Australia from a comprehensive one to a strategic partnership during the visit of Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to Manila last year.

During his two-day visit to Canberra, Marcos engaged in discussions with Albanese, focusing on the need to enhance cooperation in various areas, including trade, investment, and security.

“Following the visit of Prime Minister Albanese to our country last September, we have witnessed an increased momentum in bilateral engagements, particularly in the areas of defense and security,” Marcos stated.

Marcos also had productive discussions with Australian parliamentary leaders, including the Senate president, House of Representatives speaker, and opposition leader. These talks were instrumental in gaining their support and developing an enabling policy environment for the continuous advancement of bilateral relations.

“I conveyed to Australian legislators the important role of both nations as proponents of the rules-based international order and its significance amidst the present complexities in global geopolitics,” Marcos shared.

As democratic maritime nations, both the Philippines and Australia recognize the importance of ensuring and safeguarding access to the global commons, such as the oceans and seas.

Marcos stressed the significance of a mutually beneficial economic relationship to support the efforts of both nations in building economic resilience and achieving inclusive economic growth.

“In the same vein, we acknowledged the role of our long-standing people-to-people ties in supporting and inspiring our efforts for closer Philippine-Australia relations,” Marcos added.

During the visit, three agreements were signed between the Philippines and Australia in the fields of maritime cooperation, cyber and critical technology, and the implementation of competition laws.

“Concluding these memoranda of understanding will pave the way for more beneficial undertakings, information sharing, and capacity-building, which are expected to promote closer bilateral ties and contribute to regional development, peace, and prosperity,” Marcos concluded.

Source: The Manila Times

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