Marcos: Strengthening the Philippines’ Relationship with Australia

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the first Philippine president to address the Australian Parliament, emphasizes the longstanding friendship and shared goals between the two nations. In his speech, the President highlighted ties dating back to the 1800s and collaboration during World War II. He stressed the importance of the Strategic Partnership amid current geopolitical and climate challenges, expressing confidence in the future of the Philippines-Australia partnership, grounded in common values and a spirit of unity. PRESIDENTIAL COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE PHOTOS
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MANILA, Philippines: President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. described his recent two-day visit to Canberra as a “significant step” in strengthening the country’s relationship with Australia, which he referred to as “one of our closest friends.” The President emphasized the importance of maintaining regional peace amidst the complexities of global geopolitics.

President Marcos, who returned to Manila on Thursday night following his state visit to Canberra, expressed confidence that the ties between the Philippines and Australia would continue to flourish as the two nations work together to maximize the benefits and potential of their newly established Strategic Partnership.

“This visit marks a significant milestone in realizing the opportunities and potential that arise from our decision to elevate the bilateral relationship with Australia from a comprehensive partnership to a strategic one,” stated President Marcos.

He further added, “Australia remains, and will continue to be, one of our closest friends. In the spirit of bayanihan (teamwork) and mateship, we will forge ahead, fully maximizing the potential and gains from this Strategic Partnership between our two forward-looking, law-abiding maritime states.”

The Philippines upgraded its bilateral relationship with Australia to a Strategic Partnership during Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s visit to Manila last year.

During his two-day visit, President Marcos also held discussions with Prime Minister Albanese to explore the opportunities arising from the strategic partnership between the two countries.

The President highlighted the need to enhance cooperation in various areas, including trade, investment, and security, during his meeting with Prime Minister Albanese.

“Since the visit of Prime Minister Albanese to our country last September, we have witnessed an increased tempo in bilateral engagements across various areas of cooperation. Notably, our recent closer collaboration in defense and security has been particularly prominent,” President Marcos explained.

President Marcos, who accepted an invitation from Governor-General David Hurley, embarked on his two-day state visit to Australia from February 28 to 29. During his visit, he also had “productive” discussions with parliamentary leaders of the host country.

The President’s visit to Australia signifies the importance of fostering strong relationships with key allies in the pursuit of shared goals and regional stability. The Strategic Partnership between the Philippines and Australia serves as a platform for both countries to enhance their cooperation and address common challenges.

By elevating the bilateral relationship, the Philippines and Australia are poised to capitalize on mutually beneficial opportunities and strengthen their ties in areas such as trade, investment, and security.

The President’s engagement with Australian leaders demonstrates the commitment of both nations to work together in achieving shared objectives and promoting peace and prosperity in the region.

As the Philippines and Australia continue to deepen their Strategic Partnership, it is expected that this collaboration will yield positive outcomes and contribute to the overall progress and stability of the Asia-Pacific region.

Source: The Manila Times

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