Pastor Apollo Quiboloy Remains in the Philippines, Contrary to Reports

Davao City-based evangelist Apollo Quiboloy
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Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the founder of the Davao-based church Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name (KOJC), is currently in the Philippines, contrary to earlier reports suggesting that he had left the country in anticipation of subpoenas issued by the Senate and the House of Representatives.

According to Bureau of Immigration (BI) records, Quiboloy, 73, has not traveled abroad for the past seven months since July 2023. The last time he left the country was on July 16, 2023, and he returned on July 22, 2023, after a six-day trip.

These BI records contradict a report by online news platform Pulitiko, which claimed that Quiboloy was in China. It is important to note that these records provide accurate information about the travel history of individuals.

Vlogger Bertini “Toto” Causing, a former newsman, shared a report from the same online news platform, stating that Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri did not immediately sign the subpoena against Quiboloy as requested by Senator Ma. Theresia “Risa” Hontiveros. This delay was intended to give the controversial religious leader some leeway.

The subpoena was issued to compel Quiboloy’s appearance at the Senate inquiry into the alleged abuses he committed against members of his religious group. Zubiri eventually signed the subpoena on February 19, only after Hontiveros publicly voiced her concern regarding the Senate President’s inaction on her 10-day letter request for its issuance.

However, Zubiri clarified that his delay was not intentional. He explained that he has been preoccupied with pressing issues between the Senate and the House, as well as pending administrative work.

“In the midst of our efforts to protect the institution, a lot of administrative work has piled up in my office, including paperwork that requires my signature,” Zubiri said.

Additionally, the House of Representatives has also issued a separate subpoena, requiring Quiboloy’s attendance at the March 12 hearing of the House Legislative Franchise Committee.

It is crucial to emphasize that Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s presence in the Philippines, as confirmed by the Bureau of Immigration records, challenges the earlier reports suggesting his departure from the country. The subpoenas issued against him by both the Senate and the House of Representatives highlight the ongoing controversy surrounding the alleged abuses within his religious group.

As the legal proceedings unfold, it will be interesting to see how Quiboloy responds to these subpoenas and how the investigations will shed light on the allegations made against him. The Filipino public, both within and outside of Quiboloy’s religious community, will undoubtedly be following these developments closely.

It is important to remember that individuals are innocent until proven guilty, and the legal process will ultimately determine the truth behind the allegations leveled against Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.

Source: The Manila Times

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