PCSO Submits Lotto Jackpot Winners List to Senate

The Games and Amusement Subcommittee, chaired by Sen. Raffy Tulfo, resumed its inquiry into the integrity and trustworthiness of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office's (PCSO) Lotto games. Photo from Senate FB page
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The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) has taken a significant step towards promoting transparency and trustworthiness in the Lotto Jackpot games. In a recent development, the PCSO submitted a comprehensive list of winners from July 2023 to January 2024 to the Senate Committee on Games and Amusement, following a subpoena issued by the Senate.

During a legislative inquiry, lawyer Lyssa Grace Pagano, the chief of staff of the PCSO general, handed over the sealed envelope containing the winners’ list to committee chairman, Sen. Rafael “Raffy” Tulfo. This inquiry aimed to assess the integrity and trustworthiness of the lotto games, ensuring that the winners’ list remains confidential.

To further ensure transparency, Tulfo emphasized that the Senate would compare the submitted winners’ list with the records of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) regarding the taxes paid by the same Lotto winners. This cross-referencing process will help validate the accuracy of the information provided by the PCSO.

In addition to the winners’ list, the PCSO also submitted the Alpha list, which contains records of the taxes paid by the Lotto jackpot winners from July to December 2023. This move highlights the commitment of the PCSO to adhere to legal requirements and maintain transparency in the management of lotto winnings.

During the hearing, lawyer Ralbert John Neil Tibayan, representing the Legal and Legislative Division of the BIR, presented the committee with the records of taxes collected from the Lotto winners for the period of July to September 2023. This collaboration between the PCSO and the BIR further strengthens the oversight and accountability of the lotto system.

To address concerns and enhance the integrity of the games, Tulfo suggested several measures. One of the key suggestions is to change the assigned person who has access to the lotto system. Currently, the PCSO general manager and assistant general manager hold the root access to the system. Tulfo proposed limiting this access to PCSO Chairman Junie Cua and General Manager Melquiades Robles. By reducing the number of individuals with access to the system, the risk of potential manipulation or unauthorized activities can be minimized.

Furthermore, Tulfo recommended the immediate declaration of a winner in every draw, if applicable. This step aims to provide a more efficient and transparent process, ensuring that winners are promptly announced and eliminating any doubts or suspicions regarding the timing of the declaration.

These proposed measures, combined with the submission of comprehensive winners’ lists and tax records, demonstrate the commitment of the PCSO and the Senate Committee on Games and Amusement to uphold transparency, integrity, and trustworthiness in the Philippine Lotto Jackpot games.

It is crucial to note that these initiatives align with local laws and customs, ensuring that the lotto system operates within the framework of the Philippine legal system. By implementing these measures and fostering collaboration between relevant authorities, the PCSO and the Senate aim to enhance public confidence in the lotto games and provide a fair and reliable platform for players to participate in.

In conclusion, the recent submission of the winners’ list and tax records by the PCSO to the Senate Committee on Games and Amusement marks a significant step towards strengthening transparency and integrity in the Philippine Lotto Jackpot games. Through collaborative efforts and the implementation of suggested measures, the PCSO and the Senate aim to ensure that the lotto system operates with the highest level of trustworthiness, providing a fair and rewarding experience for all participants.

Source: The Manila Times

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