PNP Chief Vows Legal Aid for Policemen Facing Charges and Recent Reorganization within the PNP

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Efforts to Ensure Legal Aid for Officers

Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Gen. Rommel Francisco Marbil has emphasized his commitment to providing legal aid for officers facing court charges. In an interview, Marbil expressed his determination to exhaust all efforts in ensuring that officers receive the necessary legal support.

Importance of Health Cards for Officers

Marbil also highlighted the importance of providing health cards to officers for their medical needs. He emphasized that officers, who often face challenging and high-stress situations, should have access to proper healthcare. By providing health cards, the PNP aims to prioritize the well-being of its officers and ensure they receive the necessary medical attention.

Challenges Faced by PNP Lawyers

During a Monday flag-raising ceremony held at Camp Crame, Marbil acknowledged that while the PNP has its own lawyers, they sometimes face challenges when up against better lawyers from big legal offices. This recognition highlights the need for the PNP to continuously improve its legal resources and support for officers facing legal proceedings.

Debunking Reports on Fund Reallocation

Addressing rumors, the PNP chief denied reports that the funds originally intended for the rice allowance of uniformed police personnel would be reallocated to the food allowance of persons deprived of liberty. Marbil clarified that there are no plans to divert funds from one group to another, ensuring that the welfare of both uniformed police personnel and persons deprived of liberty is taken into consideration separately.

Reorganization of the PNP

In a related development, the PNP recently underwent a reorganization that involved two ranking police officials swapping positions. MGen. Robert Alexander Morico 2nd, the former director of the Directorate of Intelligence, is now the director of the Directorate for Research and Development. He replaced BGen. Westrimundo Obinque, who has been assigned to head the DI.

PNP Information Chief and Spokesman Col. Jean Fajardo explained that this reshuffle was prompted by the retirement of ranking police officials. The reorganization aims to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities and maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the PNP’s operations.


Gen. Rommel Francisco Marbil’s commitment to providing legal aid for officers facing court charges demonstrates the PNP’s dedication to upholding the rule of law and ensuring the welfare of its personnel. By recognizing the importance of health cards for officers’ medical needs, the PNP acknowledges the challenges and stress that officers face in their line of duty.

The acknowledgment of the challenges faced by PNP lawyers in dealing with better-resourced legal offices highlights the need for continuous improvement in legal support for officers. Additionally, the debunking of rumors regarding fund reallocation ensures that the welfare of both uniformed police personnel and persons deprived of liberty is prioritized separately.

The recent reorganization of the PNP, which involved the swapping of positions between ranking police officials, aims to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s operations. Through these efforts, the PNP continues to adapt and evolve to better serve and protect the community.

Source: The Manila Times

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