President Considers Simultaneous or Separate Plebiscite, Midterm Polls

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Photo from PCO
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In a recent statement, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. of the Philippines discussed the possibility of conducting a plebiscite for Charter change and the midterm elections separately. The government is currently studying the feasibility of this option, taking into account the significant cost associated with holding two separate elections.

President Marcos emphasized the need to carefully consider the financial implications of conducting two elections. Holding both the plebiscite and the midterm elections separately would be a costly endeavor for the government. As a result, the administration is exploring the possibility of holding the plebiscite simultaneously with the elections in May next year. This approach could potentially lead to substantial savings for the government.

While the House of Representatives has expressed its intention to hold the plebiscite in July, President Marcos urged lawmakers to thoroughly assess the situation. He emphasized that the completion of deliberations by the House or Senate does not automatically necessitate a plebiscite. The government can afford to wait and take into account various factors before making a final decision.

President Marcos likened a plebiscite to an election, highlighting the challenges associated with conducting it before the regular elections. Holding a plebiscite before the elections could potentially hinder the preparations for the electoral process. Therefore, it is crucial to consider all these factors before determining the best course of action.

This discussion on a separate plebiscite comes after the proposed people’s initiative faced criticism and encountered disagreements between the two chambers of Congress. Senate President Miguel Zubiri previously revealed that President Marcos expressed a preference for a plebiscite as an alternative means to gauge public opinion on proposed amendments to the economic provisions of the 1987 Constitution.

The issue of Charter change and potential amendments to the Constitution is a significant topic in the Philippines. It is essential for the government to carefully consider the financial implications and logistical challenges associated with conducting a plebiscite alongside the midterm elections. By thoroughly studying the options and taking into account various factors, the government aims to make an informed decision that best serves the interests of the Filipino people.

As the administration continues to assess the feasibility of a separate plebiscite and midterm elections, it is crucial to prioritize the efficient use of resources while ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process. The government’s commitment to studying the matter demonstrates its dedication to making informed decisions that will benefit the country as a whole.

In conclusion, President Marcos Jr.’s consideration of conducting a separate plebiscite and midterm elections reflects the government’s commitment to responsible governance. By carefully studying the financial implications and logistical challenges, the government aims to make an informed decision that will best serve the interests of the Filipino people.

Source: The Manila Times

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