President Duterte Calls for Senate to Lead Constitutional Amendments

Senate Minority Leader Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel 3rd. Photo from Senate
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Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr. has emphasized the importance of following President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s directive to let the Senate “take the lead” in amending the 1987 Constitution. Pimentel, in a text message, stated that the President has made his position clear and expressed his desire for constitutional amendments.

Pimentel further highlighted that the President relies on those who have roles in the process of amending the Constitution. According to him, the President has specifically stated that the Senate is to “take the lead.” As a result, Pimentel urged supporters of the President to respect his directives and allow the Senate to play a prominent role in the amendment process.

Senator Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito echoed Pimentel’s sentiments, emphasizing the need for President Marcos Jr. to issue a categorical statement honoring the agreement reached by both leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives during a meeting at Malacañang on January 5. Ejercito expressed concern that despite the agreement, some members of the House of Representatives continued their efforts towards Charter change through people’s initiatives.

Ejercito further highlighted that the reported move by some members of the House of Representatives to push for Charter change goes against the agreement made during the meeting with the President. This discrepancy raises questions about the commitment of the other House to honor the agreed-upon process.

Senator Mary Grace Poe expressed her satisfaction with the President’s firm stand that the Senate would take the lead in the amendment process, with a specific focus on economic changes. Poe’s statement indicates her support for the President’s position and her belief in the Senate’s ability to spearhead the necessary constitutional amendments.

It is crucial to understand the context and implications of these statements within the Philippine political landscape. The 1987 Constitution, which was enacted after the fall of the Marcos dictatorship, serves as the foundation of the country’s democratic system. Any proposed amendments to the Constitution have significant implications for the future of the nation.

President Marcos Jr.’s support for constitutional amendments indicates his desire to address specific issues and concerns through changes to the existing framework. By emphasizing the role of the Senate in leading the amendment process, the President aims to ensure a comprehensive and inclusive approach.

The focus on economic changes aligns with the President’s commitment to promoting economic growth and development. By targeting economic aspects within the constitutional amendments, the government aims to create an environment conducive to investment and job creation.

However, it is important to note that the process of amending the Constitution requires careful consideration and deliberation. The involvement of both the Senate and the House of Representatives is vital to ensure a balanced and representative approach.

As the discussions around constitutional amendments progress, it is essential for all stakeholders to engage in constructive dialogue and respect the agreed-upon processes. The statements from Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr., Senator Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito, and Senator Mary Grace Poe highlight the importance of adhering to the President’s directives and working together towards a common goal.

In conclusion, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s support for constitutional amendments, along with the emphasis on the Senate taking the lead, sets the stage for a comprehensive and inclusive approach to address the nation’s concerns. The statements from various senators reflect the need for unity and adherence to agreed-upon processes as the country moves forward with potential constitutional changes.

Source: The Manila Times

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