President Marcos Urges International Support in Maritime Disputes

Marcos: PH on 'frontline' of maritime disputes
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Canberra: President Ferdinand Marcos addressed the Australian parliament, emphasizing the Philippines’ position as the “frontline” in the battle for regional peace. With the presence of Beijing’s warships detected off the Philippine coast, Marcos highlighted the need to defend sovereignty and seek support in addressing maritime disputes with China.

In his speech, Marcos expressed the Philippines’ determination in the face of actions that undermine regional peace, erode stability, and threaten success. He received resounding applause as he declared, “I will not allow any attempt by any foreign power to take even one square inch of our sovereign territory.”

Recognizing the challenges ahead, Marcos called on Australia and other partners to unite in the pursuit of upholding the rule of law, stability, and peace. He stressed the importance of collective action, stating, “Not one single country can do this by itself. No single force alone can counter them by themselves.”

Australia holds a crucial role as one of only two countries with which the Philippines has a Visiting Forces Agreement. Marcos acknowledged the significance of this partnership, urging both nations to come together as partners to confront the common challenges facing the region.

Highlighting the need to protect the hard-fought peace established during the war, Marcos emphasized the opposition to actions that denigrate the rule of law. He urged Australia and other allies to reinforce each other’s strengths and counter the worrisome developments in the maritime disputes.

Earlier, Philippine officials had reported the presence of Chinese navy vessels around the Scarborough Shoal, an area seized by Beijing in 2012. Marcos expressed concern over this new development, emphasizing the need for a united front in addressing the situation.

In conclusion, President Marcos called for international cooperation and support to confront the challenges posed by China’s actions in the region. He emphasized the importance of defending sovereignty, upholding the rule of law, and safeguarding regional peace and stability. With Australia being a crucial partner, Marcos sought their assistance in addressing the maritime disputes and ensuring a peaceful and prosperous future for the region.

Source: The Manila Times

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