Proposal to Extend Terms of Mayors, Governors, and Congressmen: Improving the Political System for the Philippines

Presidential Adviser for Poverty Alleviation Lorenzo “Larry” Gadon. File Photo
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Addressing Political Dynasties

Furthermore, Gadon’s proposal also highlights the need to address the issue of political dynasties in the Philippines. With longer terms for local government executives, there is a possibility that these political families could further entrench their power and influence, hindering the progress of democracy and fair representation. It is important for any amendments to also include provisions that promote a more level playing field for political candidates, ensuring that the interests of the people are prioritized over personal and familial ambitions.

The Broader Context of the Philippine Political Landscape

In addition to the potential challenges and implications of Gadon’s proposal, it is essential to consider the broader context of the Philippine political landscape. The country has a long history of political instability and corruption, with the need for comprehensive political reforms being a constant topic of discussion. Any amendments to the constitution, especially those related to the political provisions, should be part of a larger effort to strengthen democratic institutions, promote transparency, and enhance the accountability of elected officials.

Improving Local Governance

Furthermore, the proposal to extend the terms of local government executives should be accompanied by measures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of local governance. This includes providing adequate training and resources for officials, implementing mechanisms for citizen participation and feedback, and strengthening oversight and accountability mechanisms. Without these complementary reforms, simply extending the terms of office may not lead to the desired outcomes of better governance and poverty alleviation.

Impact on the Political Landscape

It is also important to consider the potential impact of Gadon’s proposal on the political landscape and the dynamics of local government. Longer terms for local government executives could lead to a more entrenched political class, with fewer opportunities for new and diverse voices to enter the political arena. This could limit the ability of the electorate to hold their leaders accountable and stifle the growth of a vibrant and inclusive democracy.

Source: The Manila Times

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